Monday, 26 May 2014

Urban Knits - Book Review

I love reading and wish that I had more time to sit and reduce the book mountain that I have waiting.
On the other hand I like the odd book which has pictures.................just colourful pictures.
So when I saw Urban Knits at The Tate in St Ives I started looking at it to then have it whisked out of my hand and quickly purchased for me by my father-in-law!  Thank you!
The book is full of pictures showing ordinary items being covered in knitting which I  know as Yarn Bombing!  The best example I have seen was a few years ago on the South Bank in London where all of the trees had been covered in red knitting and it did look very striking.  I have been looking at some of the trees around the school site.................Mmmmmm maybe one day.
So lets have a look inside at just a few pages to wet your appetite.
This is a much better look for metal fencing.
Lovely buttons.
Much more colourful.
This is possibly my favourite and is a little similar to crochet which is probably why I like it.
Now... I did not know that you needed a head for heights with the craft of knitting but would be needed to climb up and reach those top branches.  It would brighten up a dull day, would it not?
I really like this book and it is quite small, about the size of a standard photograph.  It is fun to just flip through drinking a cup of tea.  Sophie has enjoyed looking at this book and I thought I would show it to my Textiles Club next Monday.
Hope you have enjoyed a few colourful pics and if you ever see this book perhaps you might be tempted.  It would be a good talking point if nothing else.
Now..........about those trees at school................



andrea said...

Totally irrelevant, but seeing the photo of your xmas tree on your blog makes me feel like I want to post a pic of mine now!! And we were only talking today about when we are going to put the lights up on on our outside tree!!! Sad!!! I know!!!! andrea x

Lynn said...

I love Yarn Bombing! I have never seen it in the US, in person I mean, but I would sure love to. Book sounds very interesting.

Love ya!

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