Monday, 27 October 2008

Knitting for Charity...........

I will need to finish this post tomorrow so that I can add some pictures but basically myself and a small group of students are taking part in a sponsored Knit. It is being organised by
The Childrens Society. The aim is to knit a 20cm wide pieces of knitting which can be in any colour, using any wool or needles and keep knitting so that it can then be sent to The Childrens Society by 13th January 2009. At the same time ask people to sponsor you per row or number of rows etc.

Last year you may remember that I knitted some red squares to help the charity to make the world's largest Christmas stocking. There is info on this on their website, they are aiming to create the longest scarf ever by stitching all the knitted sections that are sent to them. We are also going to record how much our little group has knitted.

So far I think that mine is about 1 metre long and hopefully still 20cm wide but I can not be certain of that!! This week I have managed to get a good start on it and using up lots of wool that are left over from other projects. Pop over to The Childrens Society and take a look, there is also some information for quilter on the website as well.
Sorry, but this mobile dongle will not upload any pictures of what I have knitted so far so I will try again later or when I get home. Do take a look at the website in the mean time and see how you could help.
Would anyone be interested in taking part?

I have just seen that The Big Knit for Innocent Smoothies where sweet little hats are knitted ends at the end of October. I have missed this unfortunately but I hope that this will take place again next year. I am going to have a go at the little hats anyway with some scrap leftovers.

I shall keep knitting, it is really cold today but we are off to Wicken Fenn to make bird feeders and look around, it is part of the National Trust and I have not been there since I went on a primary school trip in 19**!
See you soon.


Kitty said...

I don't think I can help out with the knitting this time, but maybe next time?

How was Wicken Fenn? Such a great name.


wonderwoman said...

am up to my eyes in knitting at the moment - am knitting squares for charity and will do a bit on michaela's blanket when its my turn (which i think is soon!). so sorry but wish you lots of luck.


inkberryblue said...

Those little, bottle topping hats are so sweet! I think crafting for charity is a great way to be involved in the community. I'm planning on crocheting possum pouches and bandicoot bags (!) for orphaned marsupials but just about everything's on hold until I've finished reports.
I love your Amy Butler bag by the way. =]

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Hon ,I don't know how to knit,but you certainly do a wonderuos job.I make little girls dresses that go all over the world ,but mostly go to the Indian reservations.I enjoy making these dresses,I can just picture a little girls eyes when she gets one.I'm not the best sewer either,but It makes me happy to do this.Hugs Marie Antionette

Primrose Corner said...

If you've been to Wicken Fen - you must have passed me by, if you've travelled up from Cornwall. I'll wave at you on the way back... I'll investigate you knitting link - my mother has a few friends who might enjoy that. They get together every week and knit and chat - so this would be a useful thing for them to set their hands too.(Although my Mum has broken her wrist so out of knitting action at the moment)

picciolo said...

good luck with your knitting!
: )

Primrose Corner said...

I've tagged you ... please pop by and see what you have to do...

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