Friday, 29 August 2008

Fabric Baskets and Christmas Thoughts...

I found this tutorial on Purple and Paisley . I thought that I would like to give it a go. I had bought some Cath Kidston fabric on ebay over a year ago. They were already cut into squares, so I adapted the pattern so that I could use the fabric as it was. I found more fabric in my stash to compliment it.

I lengthened the handles and found some cotton for the lining with little pink flowers.

Side on view which shows the colour of the fabric a little better.

I decided to make a tab fastening for the basket that would keep large items in but not shrink the overall size too much. The tab was decorated with small Yo Yo's with some of the fabric used for the basket.

The last Yo Yo hides a button and button hole fastening.

Once having made this basket I decided to have another go, but this time follow the pattern exactly. Now I do not want anyone to panic or go "Oh Nooooooo! It is too early!", but I used Christmas fabric.

This turned out quite small and was in fact quite cute. It would be perfect for wrapped chocolates, nuts or maybe a gift bag.

I can see these becoming quite addictive and I want to add to the design.

Posting rather late today due to a busy day. Went out for a meal which was very last minute and it was fun to be spontaneous for a change.

Added to Etsy and web shop (still got an on-going battle with the web!) Whilst struggling with it a lady bought an item from my website and it was a pleasure to wrap it up as i love using the blue tissue paper, ribbon, labels etc.

As I type this Tiger is sat on the sofa next to me and it is really nice to have him spending more time with us.

Enjoy the weekend!


Knit - R - Done said...

So cute! Maybe I should start thinking of Christmas, too.

Lynn said...

I love these! My mind has been trying to think about Christmas, but I won't let it. :)

Purple and Paisley said...

your baskets look wonderful! i especially like the big one with the button closure...great job! =)

picciolo said...

hi, great new items!
: )

April said...

I love those baskets - what a great idea

April xx

Country Bliss said...

Love the baskets, the first one is really beautiful.

JuliaB said...

these are great!!! i think i might have to look at that tutorial soon! x

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