Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bag Making Workshop

Spent a great four hours with some lovely ladies as we made the aboe bags today.  This was the first time I have run this particular class and I will be tweaking it slightly and offering my own patterns as kits in the future.

typicaally it was a gorgeous day outside but we tried not to feel too guilty about staying in doors.  
Lovely bag made for a friend by Diana who has attended three classes so far.  I think she has the sewing bug!  Diana has made lots if items betwen classes as well.
I made this one along the way to show keyy stages nd how to actually construct the bag.  Do not normally do this but it is often easier and a format I use in the day job as well.
A lovely summery fabric was used by Helen and I have a feeling that her daughter will be after this bag.  After Helen's last class her daughter asked her to make some cushions for her bedroom!

Sadly one lady was ill  and another two have asked to attend since the class finished at 2pm today so another date will need to be organised.

They are great aren't they!?
Enjoy the weekend and thank you for those of you have started to come back and visit.

I was absent for about 9 months due to organising these classes, insurance, tax forms etc.
Will try to post more but do please come and Like my FB page as there is lots on there to look at as well.  No commenting needed.
Take care

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Crochet Photography

I have had  a good week at work so I am going to be positive about this.
Above is a photograph that I took of my crochet, in my garden of a blanket that I was ( and still is ) making.

I contribute to a Crochet blog and I pop the odd post here and there (not regularyly as I am not fast at crocheting) and I think this picture was taken last Easter /Early summer.   I was in the process of adding my stool cover when I spotted this.................took a while to work out the plastic wallet - day job, our weather patio table, then it dawned on me.

My  (cropped) photo in the blog banner.

Bit of a surprise...........I keep telling collagues at work that my photography is not bad.  I teach Art/Design/Textiles/  and............. Photography.

Quite flattered.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Crochet Stool Cover - OPAM March 2016

This has been my latest crochet make to try and make this stool a little more comfortable.  I did not use a pattern but simply started out with making a circle and kept enlarging it my a granny stitch as I started each new row and stopped when I felt it was big enough. 

I just need to get a thin sponge pad which will go underneath the crochet cover and then I am going to tie the cover on so it can be removed for washing.

Quite pleased with this as it was simply an off the cuff make one afternoon.

The granny square blanket is still on going but I do need to odd smaller project to slot in between the larger and more long term projects.

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