Saturday, 6 June 2015

Been a bit busy because............

Hello everyone..........
I have been very absent from Indigo Blue recently although I have been visitng some blogs my own has had to take a bit of a back seat as I have been busy with something else.

At Easter I decided that it was time for a new direction and I know that the mortgage needs paying and until Sophie knows what she wants to do...there may be Uni fees to pay for.  However I need a new challenge, one that is on my terms and not that of someone else.

Above is a still life which appears on some of my Facebook pages.  I have been busy setting up Instagram and Facebook pages to build interest in Sewing / Art and Craft workshops and Classes.

I decided to run through the basics of the sewing machine and several of those who came brought their own machine and we were able to look at any questions or problems they were having.  Then we moved on to simple stitch tasks to investigate different stitches and threading up etc. Tension and any
"well what does this do?" situation.

Next was to select fabric to make a 9 patch cushion and this saw loved but forgotten fabric being pulled out of bags and a few fat quarters being purchased.
I gave everyone a little starter pack and in each one was several items including a template to make the cover.  
We looked at pattern cutting back panel sections.
Then how to actually construct the cushions.
These are the final cushions and we were able to recycle pads which they already had at home.
They all used fabric that they already had and were delighted with the results and were keenly talking about what else they could make with the simple layout.
They are even more keen to set another date as Summer Bunting was on the list along with completing some long forgotten projects...........mainly started when their own children were very small.
It was a fantastic 4 hours and their delight was clear including high fives and jumping up and down!!

This is what teaching used to be like when I first started.  This is a direction I am going to be working on in my spare time and see where it takes me.  My Facebook page generated more interest that the four cushions suggest and I have a list of people who want to come.
Next is to foloow up a request for a 1:1 home tuition hand sewing session.
Keep you posted.

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Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck with your new venture........we forgot how much we really do know............

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