Sunday, 1 March 2015

What about Mother's Day?

I have been spending some of the weekend adding to my website.  Now that Etsy have sorted out how to combat the issue of VAT and digital downloads I will now start to work on converting my many patterns and ideas into PDF's or paper copyies for purchase and a few for free.
The bunting template is back in the file at the top of this blog.
I have not yet finished adding items which might be ideal for Mothers Day gift ideas or even as a treat for yourself.  Some of these items were listed on Etsy but I decided to consolidate my shops 6 months ago.
I think that my Etsy shop will be for more digital items and that will take a little while to sort out.
I personally like handmade presents and I am even more pleased when someone does make me a gift as they are always so apologetic but someones time is valuable in today's life which can be so busy and hectic.
However, not all of us can or wish to make something so this is where handmade comes in.
I do have many of these items for my own use as a way of testing their usefulness.  No good looking pretty if it can not actually be used!
Some items listed are samples and there is nothing defective about them but I am being honest in that they were the first of the production line if you like.  I then make another in another fabric.
At the moment the cost of an item just covers the materials used no the time that it takes to make them.  I am still learning how to use a website and I do accept custom orders which do not always feature on the website but I do try to post about them on my blog.
I am also adding some items to reduce my stash as well and this will be indicated in the product titles.  I am trying to avoid Ebay and Etsy to keep costs down as i do not need to pay listing or purchase fees to keep and eye open for any fabric that I list of the coming weeks.
It does take ages and ages!

Hope you have all had a good weekend and email me if you have any questions about my website etc.

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