Sunday, 22 March 2015

English Heritage - Pendennis Castle

Today we decided to take advantage of the great weather and visit Pendennis  Castle which is part of English Heritage.  This was also partly so that Sophie could complete a History project homework that she had been working on.
So I charged my camera and phone.  Made sure that Sophie had done the same and I quickly grabbed my Samsung as I was going out the door.  I drove today and I have to say it was pretty warm driving in the sun.  So hopefully a lovely Easter will soon be upon us.
So, found a lovely angle to take my first photo and guess what?  A flat phone and I left the camera on the kitchen table!  Thank goodness my Samsung tablet was okay.  Really hard to see anything in such bright sunlight.  Some turned out well though considering.
Got that disappointment over with so we set off for homework worthy information! 
For me I wanted to have a go at a few Landscape style photographs because after Easter I will be starting a Photographic Landscape Project with a Year 9 Art and Design group.
I will probably need to go again with my digital and SLR camera to get better pictures but considering I could not see anything on the screen but my own face these turned out to be lucky shots.  Just look at the colour of that water. 
Sophie got what she needed and after a lovely dinner at The Harbour View in Falmouth we set off home again.  Hubby drove back, so I was able to check my pictures and soak up the gorgeous weather. 
Need to think of somewhere to visit next weekend. 
We are seasoned National Trust visitors but new to English Heritage so does anyone have a recommendation for our next visit?
Have a good week, I am off to soak up some more of the Cornish  coastline on Poldark. 
Have a good week everyone.
PS another Samsung post,  I tell you what..........I really like this litte gadget more than I thought I would!


Gone to Earth said...

You're lucky so have such stunning architecture so close by ... and sunshine is always a plus.

Annie Cholewa said...

It looks like a gorgeous day to spend in that fabulous place :)

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