Sunday, 4 January 2015

A last Look at Christmas

One of the items that I managed to make in December are these three little fabric trees.  It came as a kit with Homemaker magazine.  The fabric was pre-printed and the sticks were provided along with three tiddly little cotton reel type of things.  Would not hold up the stuffed trees so I rummaged around and found these three old wooden cotton reels.  Much bigger and will hold up the trees.  A definite idea for my textiles club next year.
 Twiggy and I decided to do a little mini swap together so we made cards to send each other.
This is the card that Twiggy sent.  Isn't it cute?  I have now got it as my book mark in my current bedtime read.  Love the grin.
In return I sent one of my hand printed cards that I created at my evening class.   I only had time to make 6 during our last session before we broke up.  I think it was this one but I cannot find the original picture but it was similar to this at least.  I did not end up  with two the same.  Really enjoyed this so I will make more printed cards and another design next year.
We intend on swapping again next Christmas so I have 12 months to think of another medium to use.
Then yesterday this card arrived from Tatyanna of Little Mouse House who lives in Australia.  Take a really close look at the picture. Father Christmas flying over Ayres Rock with Koalas.  Not sure what the parrot is doing though. looks like he fell of the sleigh.  Brilliant card though!  Thank you!
I am sure that I have missed other things but I have included gifts, kind thoughts and swap items kindly sent to me over the past two weeks.
I have also had an email from a blogger ,who influenced my interest in Crochet, after a long absence.  Been a good couple of weeks all round.
Back to work tomorrow and even though I do not have resolutions there are things I like to try and strive for  in a New Year and blogging about sewing etc more often is up there so I need to try and keep the day job under control and not allow it to creep into too much of my unpaid free time.  But we shall have to see.
Take care and have a good week.


Ali said...

Oh those little trees are wonderful. I am going to have to make some. Hope work is stress free next week. Take care Ali xx

WendyCarole said...

I found bigger cotton reels for my trees too. The ones provided were hopeless.

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