Saturday, 7 June 2014

Crochet Gift - Opam June

Another week has gone without a post, I really am a bad blogger but even though the end of the school year is fast approaching I have been sooooo busy with marking, getting project work finished and planning for next year that the computer has not been on much this week at all.
However, Thursday night I did manage to start making this wash cloth out of white 100% cotton yarn as part of a birthday present for a friend of mine on 15th June.
I completed it about 10 mins ago!
I made it about the same size as a shop bought flannel and used a crochet stitch which I thought would last and not be rough to the skin.  I then added a small crochet flower using the tutorial over at Attic 24 to pop in the corner but to also use up the left overs of the yarn.
To the parcel I am going to add a white shower puff to exfoliate and some posh shower gel.  Plus an aqua sponge which is in a packet that keeps the sponge damp!  A bit weird but the write up on the packet sounded great so I hope she likes it and then some body cream to match the shower gel when I have tracked it down as the shop today had run out.
Now, as best as I can remember I have never given my friend shower/wash items in all the 19 odd years that I have known her and she is coming to the end of a three year degree course (she decided to re-train) so I thought a few relaxing baths and showers might be called for, so I hope I am being a little bit original
I enjoyed the crochet bit as well.  My tension and stitch formation is possibly the best I have done so far and my 2014 quest to improve my crochet continues!
What have you been making today?
Off to tackle the crochet bag lining that I have been ignoring this week.


Twiggy said...

Ooo that is pretty. I've been making chilli dipping sauce today.

Emma Jones said...

What a lovely gift! I especially like the crochet flower on it.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

What a great gift..

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