Monday, 21 April 2014

Sophie's First Tutorial - Beaded Brooch

Last Thursday Sophie and I sat down and she carefully showed me how to make the above beaded brooch using small safety pins and some seed beads.
I happen to have some purple safety pins and I do not know why (?) plus some seed beads which have been hanging around for years and used for so many little projects.
If you can do the above then you can make these brooches.
Sophie made the two green ones at Guides plus the red and blue one shown above.
I am sure that you could make these with bigger safety pins and larger beads so that younger children could do this activity.
If you would like to try this out here is the link to Sophie's Blog and any clicks on her link or via Goggle would be appreciated to move it up the list.
Sophie sat down with a piece of paper and carefully worked out the instructions and even took apart one of the green brooches so that she could take step by step pictures.  Then sat down and typed it up after I showed her how to upload the pictures.  It looks pretty good for a first attempt and definitely one of those slushy Mummy moments.
So HERE is the link and I hope you had a lovely Easter!

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WendyCarole said...

They are lovely. I would quite like some converted to ear rings :)

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