Monday, 24 February 2014

Crochet in a spin!!

 I have fond a new Blog!
Made in K Town and it is great for helping me to move on with my crochet learning.
The blog is run by Barbara and along the top of her blog are tabs including one for her Etsy shop.  There is also a patterns and tutorial tab which I clicked on more out of interest than actually looking for anything in particular.  
I found a very clear tutorial for making crochet Mandalas and in my quest for learning how to follow patterns and understanding the symbols I found some scrap wool and a 4.5mm hook and had a go.
Below is my first attempt............

I was not really thinking about the colour combination as I just grabbed any scrap wool before I lost the thread of where I was.  This tutorial also had great pictures to let you know what your own work should look like at key stages.
The top picture is my second attempt the following day and this time I decided to think about the colours and limit it to see how much of the pattern would still show through.
It was interesting to see how different the pattern looked by just changing the colours used.  This simple combination I like very much but the first version if enlarged would look good and a scatter cushion.

They even turned out the same size.
If I add these to the other new crochet ventures that I tried over Christmas, my crochet skills have moved on a little.
I am really glad that I have been able to actually stick to a New Year Target rather than a resolution) and I am building my way up to making actual items, but at the moment I am happy to simply experiment with shape, colour, different stitches and how to link the pattern sections together.
Pop over and take a look at her blog.
I have a deadline for my evening class coursework so I must get back to it but once it is handed in I shall be having a go at the African Flower square tutorial and see how I get on.
Take care!


Wendy said...

these are very it not fun to practice our skills to bring them up another level...good luck in your quest...I love to crochet.

Ali said...

Wow your crochet skills are progressing really well. I will have to check out Barbara's blog. I found the happy hooker book by Debbie Stroller really useful and clear, although it is in US terms.
Ali xx

Twiggy said...

Very pretty. I like your colour combos the yellow and blue one has a look of Easter about it

Tatkis said...

Lovely new crochet things!
I see your skills are getting better and better!


Crochet Bliss said...

Oh such a pretty pattern! I'll have to try these myself. You did a really good job on them!

Anonymous said...

i you want a really good crochet blog to follow go to Attic 24,Lucy the owner is lovely and her tutorials are brilliant they are done in words and pictures.i too am a lefty and find lucys tutorials easy to follow. before i found Attic 24 i had been trying to crochet for years and now i can

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