Monday, 12 August 2013

Personal Purple Malden- Decorated Dividers Part 1.

Having now recovered from my "missing" post last week I have spent some time doing some work to put together a different version if it and to include my own dividers as well.  So again a slight change from the usual crafty posts.
 After I was asked to wait for a long time for this Malden to turn up despite being told it was in stock I have been spending the last few months trying to sort it out.
One for the first things that I wanted to do was make my own dividers.  Lovely thick cardstock was my first choice.  Trying to use what I already have, which is a theme for 2013.
I decided not to laminate them as this Filofax stays at home most of the time.
Included my fold out map which I have had for years dated 1992. Countries have changed but fun to look at and ideal for older Trivial Pursuit game sets!
Dabbled with decorating the pages, which I shall come back to another time.
Plus giving old supplies a new lease of life in my new Malden.
I also found some cheap WhSmith dividers which I thought I could spend time decorating rather than messing up the nice Filofax ones that came with the binder.
I started by sticking some shaped paper on to the front of one of the white dividers.
I included some patterned tape that I found on Ebay.  I have never used this before and it is lovely tape to stick and cut, smooths out nicely too.  It is a paper based tape.
Looking more interesting already, I think!
I love doing Zentangle designs, so using a black fineliner pen I started to add patterns to the stuck down papers.  
I just make the patterns up as I go along.  You can get some ideas from  Zentangling is an ancient form of pattern designing and is quite meditative as well.  Try it, I run a project at school with my younger students and they enjoy having a go.
Above is a before and after on this divider.
A close up.  Some areas can be coloured in with the pen.  I am using black but you could use any colour and any form of pen too.  Use what you already have.
This is the final outcome. Posh doodling really and anyone can have a go and produce a really nice design.  It is simply getting the hang of it and to be honest, how many of use doodle at home when we are on the phone? This took about 10-15 mins and I find it very satisfying and eye-catching.
Another example is using some scraps of card making supplies.  Some sticky edging and picture stickers to brighten up a cheap card divider.
Plus a paper tape strip down the centre of the divider before adding some free stickers on top gives the cupcake stickers a focal point rather than appearing to hang in mid air on the card.
Then I suddenly remembered the back of the divider so I took some of the tape around the back and ended it with the last of the stickers.
Here it is in my Malden.
Very different to the first divider but the aim was to try out some different ideas, media and techniques to see what I could do in a small space.
I am busy doing the rest but I have had visitors this week so been a bit distracted, but at the moment I am liking the divider with the Zentangle theme the most.
So, I have tried a piece of card stock and just cut it out, collage and zentangle plus some stickers and fancy tape!
Next time I shall be using a sizzix machine and paints!
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Lynne said...

Love the idea of creating your own dividers, Jane, and especially like the zentangled ones - what a good idea to 'tangle existing designs/shapes!

I must get my journals out and prepare some pages for going to Wales in the caravan - keep me out of mischief while Jim fishes!

Toffeeapple said...

Goodness, you are so very creative! I still have the very boring original Filofax dividers in my old (black) thing...

I tried Zentangling once but didn't get on very well.

MySummerTouch said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I want to ask you how your purple Malden feels like? Is the leather dry?

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