Sunday, 7 July 2013

A generous gift from Ali Bee......................

A month or two back Ali over at Ali Bee Creations posted about some cute crochet kittens that she had been making.  I left a comment about how lovely they were, (my crochet skills are still quite limited) and Ali very kindly offered to make one for Sophie.
Then due to BT messing up my Internet connection, holidays and hip and back issues for us both it was a while before I was able to get back to Ali to ask if a purple one was possible.
Then on Friday a cylinder shaped parcel was delivered.  Once the brown paper was removed Sophie found a lovely paper covering the cardboard cylinder.  Brilliant idea for sending things in.
Sophie spent ages looking at this!
Once the lid was off lovely summery yellow tissue paper peeped out.
The tissue paper then revealed the cutest purple and lilac crochet kitten!!  Now Sophie knew nothing about this at all and when she opened it her face just lit up and then a barrage of questions of where, why, how etc.
I want to introduce you to Ruffles the kitten.  We went out for the day yesterday and Ruffles came too.  Whenever you saw Sophie Ruffles was in her hand, bag or on the seat next to her in the car.
Thank you soooooooo much Ali for making this cute little kitten, If only you could have seen the look on Sophie's little face, it was a picture.
Blogger's are a very generous community, which I enjoy being a part of.
Your return item is in production and will be winging its way asap.
Have a good Sunday everyone!


Ali said...

I am thrilled that Sophie really likes her new friend. I think Ruffles is the perfect name for the kitten. It sounds like Ruffles has well and truly settled into your household.
Ali x

Jill Eudaly said...

Nice mail surprise! Looks like you have a new family member.

Carol said...

What a sweet kitten
Carol xx

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