Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Bag for Jessica

With my Year 8 groups I like to make a bag as I go along to help show them various stages.  One bag can usually help two groups at a time.
This time due to the amount of work on the go that I would cheat a little!  I have had a bit of fleece with Winnie the Pooh on it for some time.  Sophie did not want it so I carefully cut out the images and appliqued them on to the bag front..  Then cut a template for a capital J and added that.
I decided it needed  something to add dimension to the design, so a fabric flower with a button in the middle to help attach it to the bag.
A white cotton drawstring is added so that it is easy to open, close and hang up on a peg.
Resulting in a useful and cute PE bag for Jessica who has just turned 4 and will be starting Reception in September and lives one door down from us.
It got a lot of "aahhhs" from my Year 8 group and they in turn saw various stages and techniques as my bag took shape each lesson which they were then able to learn and apply to their own designs.
I hope she likes it!


Kitty said...

I'm sure she'll love it - it's gorgeous.

Tatkis said...

What a lovely bag! Perfect for a girl :)


dottycookie said...

I'm sure she'll love it - it's gorgeous!

wonderwoman said...

tha bag is soo cute!. x

Jill Eudaly said...

nice bag, any little girl would love it. On my blog..Bee Happy, well it took a long time to make it. My husband had to help with cooper, he had to do all the bending and soldering. Banner, yes it's new but I took the picture about two years ago. I set the grapevine and flowers on a rock in my yard.

Lynn said...

She will love it! It is beautiful! I would really like to make one for Anna. She is really into Tangled and that would be so cute for her!

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