Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mollie Makes issue 11

Well what happened?
I went away for a week then came back and I could not get into my blog.  Panicked and thought great four and half years gone.  Then worked out that Google Chrome seemed to have kicked in whilst away my blog decided that I had to swap.  Mind you it was a dodgy moment there.
So that is part of the reason why I have been absent for over a week and things have been happening at work which are directly affecting the future of my career.  I shall leave it at that for now but I may come back to that topic, lets just get through tomorrow.
So, I bought this months Mollie Makes and instantly fell in love with the little Babushka Doll keyring.
I like the pages that describe what the kits will make.  Each issue has that retro look about it.
I like that the kits have little packets as I keep any pattern pieces and spare fabric in for future reference.
I did make a couple of changes. I could not cut the felt circles for the eyes!  They are simply too small so I used two brown brads that I had.  I also used chain stitch for the cherry stalks.  I nearly made my eyes pop out trying to use the red thread on the red felt, I really struggled to see it.  I also used smaller more stitches on the leaves just to make sure that they do not come off in my handbag.  I really enjoyed making her and she is really cute.  Put her together in just over and hour, but I was not exactly rushing.
Next time I think that I would use polka dot felt rather than cotton, but is only my preference.
This was a really fun little kit to make and there was more than enough fabric.  
There was plenty to look at in this issue and lots of sites to take a look at too.
So what else caught my eye in this issue?  Well too much but here is a selection:
I really like these crochet flower coasters.  I am still trying to follow patterns and so I shall take a look at this.  Do not hold your breath as crochet patterns make no sense to me.
Chunky knits, which look hand knitted even when they are sold in supermarkets, are very in at the moment and I have not knitted a cowl yet so this one might bit the bill.  I like the idea of a mobius cowl as well.
Finally this quilt really appeals to me and could be a great way to reduce your fabric collection as well.  I have a quilt to finish first before I start anything else, bit this one does have a summery country feel to it too.
I am thinking of subscribing to Mollie Makes so that i do not have the disappointment of missing an issue.  There is so much more to look at and web sites to visit.
I have another Mollie Makes kit on the go but not yet finished.  Hopefully I shall be back with that at the weekend.
Friday tomorrow, thank goodness, and hopefully a good end to the week this has really been quite stressful and at time downright upsetting.
However as they say................
Keep Calms and Carry on
Take care all.


Carol said...

Phew, glad you got into your blog ok.
I bought the first four and the Christmas edition of MM but haven't yet made any of the items. I've looked at other issues but they haven't appealled, however, there are some really nice projects in your review.
Hope things work out ok at work.
Carol xx

Toffeeapple said...

Wishing you good vibes for the work thing.

You must have panicked when you couldn't get into your blog; I'm glad it has been resolved.

Tatkis said...

Wow, this Molly Makes issue is really cute!
Your Babushka keyholder is adorable :)


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