Sunday, 12 June 2011

Royal Cornwall Show - Flower Tent -700th Post

It crept up on me and I was taken by surprise.....this is my 700th post!!!!

Well I shall finish with my Royal Cornwall posts then think about a bit of a giveaway. I passed the 600th post marker in January but it did not seem the right time so I decided to skip that one and wait for 700. Not realising that I would reach it quite yet.

Anyway on to colour and prettiness. If only this was a scratch and sniff site as the smell of these flowers was wonderful. Here is a selection.

The most magnificent sweet pea displays! I used to grow these but the regular downpours that we have I gave up a couple of years ago. It has been raining heavily here all night and all day so my reservations are justified.
The blooms are very delicate, the colours are amazing and I like the "frills" of the petals.

I have been practicing the close up mode on my canon camera. Some of these shots are going to form the front of some cards to take to work.

There was also the unusual too. Next time I really must write some of these names down! Reminded me of a daffodil. There were lots of these in a display and they were very striking to look at. Not my cup of tea though.

The roses were fantastic and I only managed a few pictures due to the crowds of people also looking at them. I have some roses but they have never really grown very well. I took a chance and really pruned them and fed them and I shall see what happens, as I do every year. The rose growers here are truly experts in their field. This one is called "Sparkle".

Bonsai anything has always fascinated me and when we took Sophie last year she did find it difficult to grasp the fact they these little trees were older than Mummy and Daddy! This is the same breed that I have in my garden. It is about two foot tall and was planted in 1960. It was drawing A LOT of attention. Absolutely gorgeous, if only my bag had been big enough.................

A tad blurry, sorry. It was a good 5 feet away from me, so I had to zoom in.

Several local garden centres were also on display. This is Pengelly which I like to go to. They had a lovely wooden bench that I have been dribbling over for months. Plucked up the courage to buy it know that I am on the list to do exam marking this year and guess what? It was gone!!! Sold to some lucky beggar. Never mind hopefully there will be another. Mind you I would have had to have worn a full body waterproof jumpsuit today to have been able to sit on it if I had bought it, the rain has been awful today.

This is the other side of their display. The white climbing plant caught my eye.

This was the only decent close up that I got. I still like it though.

As I was going out of the tent I saw these lovely sun flowers in full bloom reminding me that it is in fact June despit the weather.

Now, this is definitely not all there was. Oh no! There were also lots of lovely flower arrangements which had entered various categories and as last year I liked all of them. I could never be a judge I would award them all first prize!

I shall show those tomorrow as I have been sat in front of this laptop nearly all afternoon working and I will confess that my poor rear is numb!

So please pop back tomorrow when there will be more creative and colourful flower loveliness to look at.




Carol said...

Yes, a scratch and sniff post if ever I saw one, what beautiful flowers. Sorry someone "stole" your bench, hope they have another one.
Congratulations on 700 posts.
At 7 am it was glorious here, by noon it was lashing it down and it hasn't stopped since, the gardens do need it though.
Carol xx

Toffeeapple said...

Oh I wish I could have seen and smelled all those perfumes they look spectacular. It's been raining all day here too (near Silverstone race track) and it shows no sign of stopping.

Chocolate Cat said...

That flowering Bonsai is just beautiful, never seen one like that before. Thanks for sharing. Raining here too but it is Winter now!!

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