Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sewing Room - Curtain Call...

I have been a little absent this week due to computer and Internet problems which has resulted in me purchasing a new notebook and using my old one for work only. Then of course you have a endless hours loading this that or the other getting to work how you want it to. Anyway, it is all done and I am typing on my new pink and lilac notebook by Sony. Yes, you did read right, pink and lilac. I should have taken a picture but i was caught up in trying to load what I already had and forgot.
I have been able to do some sewing this week and I have finally finished my first big project of 2011.
We have liked the above fabric for some time and before Christmas we measured up the kitchen patio doors and off we went to buy some. As many of you know, we have had a very cold winter and sitting in the kitchen eating and often working until quite late, could get cold with the window exposed.
After much measuring, thinking, cutting and a little bit of swearing, I managed to complete the curtain last night at my sewing group. The other side of the curtain is right up against a cupboard, so having two curtains was not an option.

When we bought the table and chairs about a year ago from IKEA, we decided that we would probably cover the chairs as well. Cream covers and children do not really mix. I struggled a bit to take a pattern form the cover, in the end I unpicked it, drew around it and then stitched it back together again. Above is the cut out shape, looks an odd shape doesn't it?

It looks much better on the seat. I popped in a couple of loose staples here and there on the back which can be easily removed when the cover needs washing.

The chair on the right is what it looked like before it was re-covered. More colourful!

There are six chairs, 1 done so 5 more to do.

I have some spare little bits of fabric which I thought I would make into hot pot squares. I need to get some more fabric anyway, as I could only cut out four tops for the chairs yet it looked to be quite a bit when I bought it!


P.S I could not click and drag my photos when making this post on my new laptop and had to come back to my old one. Do I need to activate something on blogger to be able to do this? It has been over two years since I set it up on this computer so I may have forgotten something. I can not slide up and down to post area with the picture, any suggestions? I feel bad about abandoning my new one but after 1.5 hours trying to move four or five pictures, I gave up. Tut Tut!


clare's craftroom said...

A pink and lilac computer sounds so nice ! I love your kitchen works it looks great !

gill said...

I love the fabric!
What is it?

Chocolate Cat said...

I love that fabric!!! The curtains and chair looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing a photo of your new notebook!!!

picciolo said...

how funny, I have just posted about making curtains too!
: )

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