Thursday, 25 March 2010

March Opam

Been quite busy this month with my 20 minutes of sewing and Opam challenge 2010. I have just completed a special order for chick egg cosies and a large batch of cards for the coffee shop. I also had another Folksy order for Easter cosies.

A total of 7 chicks and one egg shaped cosy. 18 cards, too many to photograph really. I have not been too good again this week, lost my voice which is a little tricky when you are a teacher! Got to go in tomorrow as I have a triple lesson with Year 11 and my throat, neck and ears are quite painful. Since Christmas I seem to have caught just about anything going. Our TA has said that she will come and assist in the afternoon if needed as by this afternoon today my voice had gone completely and when the bell went to go home none of the students moved because they could not hear me when I said to go. Very odd day.
My tutor group won the spring term merit prize this week and we have to decide whether to go to the cinema or go bowling (school is paying) which do you think?
Off to bed back tomorrow with a post on making another use of a tea towel. Not revolutionary but fun all the same (and easy to do too).
Take care all


clare's craftroom said...

I love your colourful chicks and eggs ! I hope you get better soon , poor thing .

Josie said...

cute egg cosies, well done they look great!

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