Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Day!!!

Photo taken 2009
Got up, struggled to get the car open, failed. Hubby got his open , took me and Sophie to our schools.
Stayed an hour and got sent home!!
Students all safe and pleased to have a day at home. Not sure about tomorrow. Pity some older students thought it was ok to throw a large ICE BALL at my husbands car on Sophie's side whilst we were driving past them in icy conditions! Almighty thud, dented the car and none had the guts to own up. Did not know it was hubby's car, should have seen their faces when I eventually got out of the car!!
Did not appreciate that they could have caused an accident if a more nervous driver had been the target, very thoughtless really.
Saw what they were like with a 'member of the public' as I was out of sight to start with, not impressed I am afraid, it is times like this that make me wish I had a different job, but there you go. I am sure all jobs have their down sides but in different ways.
Hope you are all safe, warm and ok.
Got some work done and got reminded of just how boring daytime TV is!
Not quite enough snow to make another happy snowman like the one above (thank goodness) much to Sophie's disappointment.
Holiday pictures in the pipeline.
Take care

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twiggypeasticks said...

Keep warm and safe!! That is a fab snowman
twiggy x

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