Friday, 2 October 2009

Swap button help!!!!

I have made my swap button with a great amount of struggle and now it will not let me save it in my pictures to upload on my blog. My old Microsoft publisher did it no problem. This new version of Microsoft is really annoying. Is anyone able to help me add the text on my picture if I email it to them and then email it back to me with the text on the picture?
This is really frustrating!
Yours (pulling her hair out) truly

Marmaladekiss has just saved my sanity, my greying hair and my laptop lives to see another day. Many thanks Marmaladekiss!!!


wonderwoman said...

i really, really, wish i could help - but as you know am a techno idiot!! Blogger this morning is being an ass and keeps freezing - aaarrrgh!!!! am sure lots of lovely bloggers will come to your aid!!!


clare's craftroom said...

I am also really terrible at this stuff . I can only print words over a picture on " picnik " I don't know if that helps you or not , sorry .

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