Thursday, 2 July 2009

Felting project Two..Edited

The second more structured felting task was to use a thick felt shaped backing with a leather cord and bead attached to it. I found these at Hobbycraft. They were ideal shapes in a good range of colours and were an ideal focused practical task. I made an example to show the students and silly me has not taken a picture, I will add one at the weekend. The above is one of the finished items.

At this point we hit a snag! The felting needles that we had been using started to snap. It was not the girls fault and in the end I decided it was because my needle at home and the students own needle to complete the work in the top photo, were successful because they were much thinner!! They could pierce the relatively think felt background much more easily. So this task came to a stand still and what we have decided to do is gradually complete them in between other tasks using my needles instead. At the moment I only have three! Never mind.

As they are finished I will add them to this post.


This is my attempt at the above task...

More to be added..


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Anonymous said...

Really really cute! Great job!

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