Friday, 27 March 2009

Film Friday....Daniel Craig

A return to an old regular posting.
Has anyone else seen this yet?
I am going to sit down with a drink of some kind, some sewing and drool over this....

At work we all seem to have had the same idea and bought this DVD with our weekly shop. I enjoyed Casino Royale so looking forward to seeing what this film is like.

Ballet tomorrow morning and then decorating Sophie's room, well it is going to rain for most of the weekend, isn't it?

Enjoy the evening.


Updated on Saturday

Well...the film was very different to the last one and the stunt coordinators and actors must have needed constant first aid whilst filming the action scenes. I thought it started off ok, could follow what was happening then lost it as it did appear that there was not anything to follow. I have to agree with April that there did not seem to be a very clear story line other than Bond wanting revenge which was clear, but where the rest fitted in was not made very clear and people were being bumped off left right and centre. Daniel Craig did a very good job though and I have gotten used to him playing the role, but the story must have a beginning and middle and an ending. Basic story writing skills. I am more than willing to proof read the next one if it helps.( ha ha). If you have not seen it do, you may fell differently. My hubby has yet to see it so I do not have the male view yet.


April said...

I was really disappointed in Quantum of Solace - it's all action and no plot!

Casino Royale is much better

April xx

silverpebble said...

I found Quantum of Solace lacking in dialogue and seemed to consist mostly of VERY LOUD ACTION. Still, there was Daniel Craig, so I was still smiling....and swooning. Ooof!

trashalou said...

Not that they have seen it but my kids always shout 'bang bang bang! bang bang. bang.' when the words James Bond are mentioned.

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