Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pom Pom Maker Tutorial..

Making Pom Pom's may not be your dream skill but they can look good on many items and they are fun to make. Many of us will remember cut out two cardboard circles and wrapping wool around for what seemed like forever! I found this Pom Pom maker and what I really liked about it was that it is quick, you can get very evenly made pompom but also large balls of wool can be used rather than having to wind some wool off first. There are several makes out there, but if you have put off buying one then maybe this post will help. This is what I used to make the tiny pompoms on my little charity bottle hats. I used the white template shown in the photo.
This kit can make four different sized pompoms and the best way to find out what size is to simply make up one of each as samples. This kit is made by Prym.

For this tutorial I am going to make the largest pompom. The templates are made of tough plastic and colour coded for matching them up.

The four sections are shaped as in the photos, the reason for this is that once the wool has been wrapped round each 'half moon' the two halves will then slot into each other to complete the circle.

Try to wrap the wool evenly long the pompom maker. I tend to work from left to right and back again repeated like an old fashioned typewriter to get an even thickness. I also fill the gap as it gives a very full and substantial finish. I am using double knit wool here and it is a 200g ball.

Fully wrapped with wool.

Hopefully from this photo you can see how the top two 'half moons' are now slotted to the bottom two. It is quite secure and can be put down on the table without any problem.

I usually cut a length of wool for tieing the pompom together of about 50cm then fold in half before I knot it. This is because if I am going to sew the pompom on a scarf, for instance, the wool to sew with is already attached and much more securely if added after the making.

Then using a pair of strong sharp scissors gradually cut through the wool in the groove between the yellow plastic 'half moons'. I slot the wool into the groove as I am going along to stop any bits of wool thinking that they can ping out at this crucial stage.

Here I have finished cutting the wool and the tieing wool is slotted inbetween the yellow plastic.

Take the two ends of the tieing wool together and carefully tie them as tightly as possible. I normally flip it over and tie on the opposite side of the pompom too and repeat this several times to tie it evenly and tightly.

Next, carefully slide the plastic sections apart making sure that they do not be caught up on the pompom.

Voila!! A lovely, fluffy and even pompom. You can get an idea of the size of this pompom form these pictures.....

There you have it! I enjoy making these and I have used them for a wide range of things, from knitted items for Sophie's toys, to scarves, a fun way to decorate a present, woollen garments, hats etc. There are other variations on these pompom makers but if you like what you see this would make a good stocking filler and be a good way of using up scraps of wool.

Hope this has been of interest and I do have several other tutorials in the pipeline, it is getting the pictures right that is the key to them being any good isn't it?

Take care all



Dresden Plate said...

I so remember making those when I was at school! My children spent hours making them too, they are irresistible!

LOUISE said...

I remember last year being stopped in my tracks in Sainsburys when I first noticed those little hats on top of the smoothies. I would have great difficulty knowing which one to choose, I'd be standing there for ages! I do like yours, they must be quite fiddly to make. I used to make pompoms when I was a kid, my mum showed me how. x

Ann-Marie McMillan said...

We will shortly be launching an appeal for people to make pom poms to go in Treasure Baskets as part of Heuristic Play Project, please tell me where you got plastic templates for pom poms they seem a better bet than carboard!
Ann-Marie McMillan
Derbyshire Toy Library Network

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Estella said...

Thanks for this tutorial!
I just bought this set of templates, but I wasn't sure how to use them.
I was wondering wheter the halves would fall apart after the yarn is cut, but that seems not to happen.
I am going to try them!

Amanda Putri said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. Its really help me.

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