Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bonfire Night...

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I went to my sewing group tonight and I managed to finish some work. So tomorrow I will take some pictures to show you. Sophie and Dad went in search of fireworks and stood outside a field to watch some shooting into the sky at a safe distance. Last year Sophie found it all too noisy, but enjoyed it all much more this time. Growing up!

I am starting a little later tomorrow at work and seeing 26 sets of parents and hopefully finishing at about 7.30pm. My main concern is my chesty rather asthmatic chest and accompanying cough as it has been out of control at times this week. So I shall be taking a range of items in my survival kit:

* Water
*Headache pills
*cough sweets
*tissues (for when the coughing gets so bad my eyes run)
Do you think that will do the trick? I have been drinking that much water this week I must have the cleanest set of internal organs in the South West!

I thought it might be nice to see some more photos from our week away when we visited Anglesey Abby. The weather was good on this day and I like the chance to take photos of country scenes:

This is a river which powers a working water wheel and flour mill.

This picture is looking back towards the mill. I thought that the water was very clear, lovely reflection. I could not take any pictures of the mill because there were too many people about.

There lots and lots of these tiny little cyclamen all over the ground growing up between the leaves. Look delightful, Sophie was very taken with them.
I tried to show the lovely colour of the leaves but I seem to have succeeded in taking my shadow! They were lovely colours which is why I think that Autumn is one of the best seasons.

Off to bed and try and get some sleep.

PS. We arrived at Anglesey Abby and Sophie gasped! Was it because she was so impressed with the new visitors building? No. Was it because she was cold? No. It was becuase she suddenly realised that she had forgotton to.......

change out of her slippers!! Ahhhhh!

Back tomorrow xx.


Gina said...

The picture with the slippers is precious! Must get back to Anglesea Abbey soon.

Primrose Corner said...

Best of luck with the parent evening. The slipper mishap is a funny one. I hope it didn't spoil anything!

JuliaB said...

Beautiful nature pics. I always find a mug of hot water helps with asthma. x

twiggypeasticks said...

Oh bless leaving her slippers on! hope you're soon feeling better, I've just made some honey and lemon juice for my sore throat and I'm sucking Lockets like there's no tomorrow!
Hope the parents evening was ok.

Kitty said...

Gorgeous photos - it looks very beautiful there. I think the colours this autumn have been particularly stunning. I'm forever saying to the children 'look at that tree!'

Good luck with your parents chats. x

lesley said...

How sweet!!!!! What a lovely thing to forget, Sophies little fairy slippers look delightful. What fabulous photo's. Hope your chest is feeling better soon! I think you need chocolate in the survival kit!! xx

Julie said...

I hope you survived the Parents Evening. Your photos are lovely and I love the shoes, both sets! I hope the fairy slippers didn't get spoilt.

LOUISE said...

Beautiful photos from Anglesey Abbey, I would like those cyclamen naturalising in my garden, they are so pretty. The river looks so tranquil, a lovely spot to spend some time on an Autumn day. As for Sophie, who needs shoes when you have fairy slippers! x

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