Saturday, 30 August 2008

Poll Results and Pincushions..

Many thanks for taking part in the poll. it looks like it is the laptop cover that won. I will do the others in the order that the votes came it over the coming months. I was pleased with my laptop cover and hope you fell the same when you see it. It could easily be adapted to other products and does not take up much material and could be added to/ adapted to suit your own needs. I have been at my in-laws for most of the afternoon and then I put eye drops in my neighbours eyes then got Sophie to bed so I will have some work to do for that and I am trying to gear myself up to do it. I have so enjoyed being at home and Hubby has been here too because he now works from home. It has been a very relaxing time. Even the weather has picked up again and today has been really hot. So no sewing today but some finished items to show you which Sophie really likes..

Whilst on holiday I went into a marvelous cook shop in Lewes and found these mini fluted dishes. They reminded me of bun cases and I thought that I could take my cupcake pincushions a little further.

Once one had been made a few more followed. I have run out of the fluted dishes for now but I want to make some more. They were fun to make and look yummy in a group like this.

I enjoy making these pincushions as well and they do not take up very much fabric. I am going to make some more for stocking fillers for my sewing friends this year.

All of these pincushions have gone either into Etsy or my Webshop. I have started another item using the cupcake theme and some little brown ceramic pots will suddenly have a new lease of life too over the coming weeks.

Well, I have a busy day tomorrow with 6 guests coming to visit so enjoy the day and I will be back with the tutorial plus it is my 1st Blog anniversary on 8th September so a way to celebrate this will also be announced soon. I just need to think what exactly

Take care all!


Jacquie said...

looking forward to the laptop cover...i need one badly! these are so cute in the little dishes!

Country Bliss said...

Those cupcake pincushions are so cute!

Anonymous said...

i adore those pin cushions, they are really beautiful

Ellena said...

just a blurb to say I read a lot of entries on your blog today and enjoyed them, just saying "hi" instead of just lurking,
Looking forward to the lap top cover also

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