Sunday, 4 May 2008

And the winners are........

This was astonishing!! Where did you all come from? Well I can tell much more easily since I put the map on my blog. The interest in this giveaway has been such a massive surprise to me, my husband could not beleive it either and has sat down to have a look as well.

Due to the interest and to say thank you for taking part and showing such massive support I am going to have a first prize of the purse and 3 runners up making 4 winners in all. Now I am taking part in a craft fair tomorrow and the additional prizes will come from my stock.

I used a random number picker (which I may use for my lottery numbers it is so easy to use) so we can blame that can't we? I did delete duplicate comments, one that had nothing to do with the competiton and Piciolio who request not to take part because she has won before and one that was submmitted too late (Sorry) . So the final number of comments was 55.

Winner of the Cath Kidston fabric purse is Number 18: Obsessed Scrapbooker! Congrats!

Three runners up are:
Number 51... Knit - R- Done.

Number 7... Lesha. Keyring from stock.
Number45...Ursula. Keyring from stock.
Could everyone please send me their snail mail address via my email which is in my profile and I shall send them on Tuesday.
I shall definatley have another giveaway in the future this was fun to do. I have also found some new blogs which I shall be adding to my list in the margin over the next few days.
Please, I do not want you all to disappear into blogland never to be seen again! Do pop back, after the craft fair I shall be adding to my Etsy shop, (which I have nearly emptied) with all of the new items I have made. Also popping by to say hello is what this is all about. I do have another tutorial in the pipeline. I am hitting a busy and crucial time at work so watch this space.
The attic conversion is nearly finished and I shall be posting photos to show the before and after effect as well. Sophie is up there with Dad helping to paint, so I think that I am safer down here!
Again, a massive thank you for taking part and comfirming to me that starting a blog was a good move and I shall continue to come up with more ideas etc.
Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday.
I am off to do some washing, pricing up for tomorrow and some ironing, all the fun things in life.
Take care
From 'still reeling with astonishment'


Nan said...

Congratulations to all the winners! Pretty cool, huh?

Joanna Maltsberger said...

Congrats to the winners! I will definitely still stay tuned to this blog, and watch your etsy shop too!

Hil'Lesha said...

Thank you! This is awesome. :)
Can you please tell me your email addy, because for some reason it is not showing up on your profile. Thanks, again!

obsessed scrapbooker said...

Yes, I could not find your email either! Please let me know so I can send you my address for my goody! Thank you so much, I am SO excited to have won the purse! My husband fell a week ago at work and I've been pulling extra duty taking care of him and everything else and I needed a pick me upper! Thank you!

picciolo said...

hi, I'm glad your giveaway went so well! I hope your fair went ok yesterday, you had good weather! (if it was the same as here)
: )


Congratulations to all the winners. x

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