Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Autumn Pincushion

Somehow the awful start to my pincushion that you can see in my previous post miraculously turned into this...

I am actually quite pleased with it and finished at 11pm last night. What do you think? The idea was inspired by a pincushion book that I featured in a previous post and changed the size, materials and added to the overall appearance of the final pincushion. I have uploaded it onto the Pincushion Challenge Flickr Pool group so please click on the link that you will find on this blog and have a look at the other entries. I am sure that more will be added during today. I am quite looking forward to seeing what the next theme will be, hopefully something Christmasy would be fun.

Anyone can have a go at this challenge, just join the group which is easy and free to do, then wait to see what the theme will be. The hardest bit is meeting the deadline.

Yesterday Sophie got all creative with her extensive range of Playdough and made this group of farm animals all by herself..

Complete with farmer.
Well , best get on. Have an Amy Butler bag to make, a ballet shoe bag to think about, a box of work to finish marking, a tutorial to photograph and I have just been asked to make some fabric nappies for Sophie's Baby Dolly.
Enjoy the day...


picciolo said...

Hello! I think your pincushion turned out great, I love the way you have done the leaves. And that jam looks delicious!
: )

stef et sa belette said...

I'm a french woman and I would likre to say to you that it 's a wonderful pincushion !

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