Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Can't grow a MO - Sew a MO

Danielle over at Djcoolbear is starting a charity quilt to help raise money for Cancer Research.
It is very clearly explained on her website with a sad background story about her Father.  It is better for you to read it directly rather then me re-telling it.
Click HERE to go to her webpage.
If you are a quilter or like to sew then this might be for you.  The idea is that you create a block and then applique a "Mo" on to it.  There is a PDF of different styles if you need it and it is intended that the quilt will be raffled, hopefully more than one quilt.
I am going to ask some of my quilting friends if they would like to help out.
Measurements and additional details are on Danielle's webpage.
This is very timely for me......
the sad news I referred to earlier in the week was due to having found out that a friend who,  moved for her job so I did not see her as much, was diagnosed with cancer a short while ago, had sadly died.  Due to various circumstances, a group of us had tried to stay in contact, we lost track of where she was.  We were told that she had gone into a Hospice so we rang as many as we could with no luck. Texts were tried and phone numbers were not answered.  Whilst away my friends heard via a third party that she had died in January!  This was sad news but even sadder due to the loss of contact and the fact that we did not know for 7 months.  Ironically, we discovered that her funeral was quite close to where we all live.  Secondly my Mum was told this last week that another family member has been diagnosed with a brain tumour which has now been removed and will now need chemo with  a 1 hour trip to the treatment and then an hour back for 6 weeks!!  So more worry, heartache and stress for some of my relatives...................
Also we are  approaching a first anniversary of our own  in September for D .
So, I am going to see if I can make at least one block and send it off to help.  If you can not sew or take part perhaps you could advertise this project as there is a button and code that you could put on your blog.  I wanted to do something quickly to help so hence this post.

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