Friday, 31 March 2017

OPAM- Crochet Granny Square Blanket

After goodness knows how long I have finally completed my 1970's inspired crochet Granny  Square blanket.  I decided to add a 3 row edging but other than that kept it quite plain.  It is not intended to go on the bed but it enabled a decent photograph and I was surprised at how big it had in fact become.

It does, however, roll up quite well but it will now go on the fabric stool in the living room along with the other two that I have made over the years.
We know have one each for the winter or if we get caught out and run out of gas for the fire!

Really pleased with how this turned out but it might be my last blanket for a while.
2 OPAM finishes for March.  This one was quite a biggie.

Monday, 27 March 2017

OPAM March: A finish at last!

 May seem like a daft crochet make but needs must!  Elbow crutches were issued ages ago but 2weeks ago today I under went a total left hip replacement and needed these blasted things to actually get around.
However, elbow crutches + sore hands = desperate crochet project.
So 2 evenings ago I grabbed a small ball of thick wool, not even sure where this came from, and just made up these two covers.  Underneath I have added some spare wadding  wrapped round and round.  The crochet covers are nicer on the hands and to look at.

I do have three other "nearly there" projects and even though I have been off work for two weeks I am only just feeling up to doing anything. I seem to have slept for most of the first week.
 We did venture out for a Mothhers Day Lunch (in the UK) and the pudding was scrummy.  It all was and we were sat by the window over looking Carlyon Bay in  Cornwall.

Sophie bought me a book as a gift so this will be started this afternoon as well.  Got so much time on my hands I want to use it wisely over the coming weeks.
Anyway, I have finally got OPAM off the ground  in my little sewing room.  Next is a bag and a blanket.

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