Sunday, 29 January 2017

Crochet Jelly Fish

I did promise myself that in 2016 I would try and extend my crochet skills but sometimes I am not exactly sure what to make!
So a homework at school for the students to make a jelly fish  in any material of their choice sounded like a an ideal challenge.  Here is my outcome.  I crochet a small bowl like shape and then a range of chains in different yarns such as string, wool etc.  I also cut ip some nylon chiffon type fabric and added this to the inside centre of the bowl shape with hand stitching.

The curley spirals were a new area for me so I went and had a look on Youtube for anything that might resemble the shapes of a jelly fish and very quickly I ended up with three spirals.  Very easy to make and quite good fun.  Would love to make some more but not sure what for?

Anyway, my students were suitably impressed with this and since I took it in I have had many jelly fish brought in having been made from a wide variety of materials.

My crochet crusade continues in to 2017 but first I need to complete my Granny stitch blanket.

What do you think?
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