Tuesday, 27 December 2016

My Swap items from Kim

After having spent ages looking on my phone for these pictures I discovered that they were actually on my camera!
Kim managed to "stuff" an amazing amount in her cracker swap and put me to shame really.  I will need to brush up on this skill for 2017!

Several handmade felt tree decorations which will be added to my special box of felt decorations that i have collected over the years through blog swaps such as this.
Sewing needles which I am in need of .  A candle which we have have already used and it smelt lovely. Some sewing threads which I shall keep for a special project.

Great polar bear fabric, ribbon to wrap it all up in and a knitted cowl/snood in lilac.  Lovely gifts all in a kitchen roll!

Many thanks Kim and this is definitely a swap that I shall do again. 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas! 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!  For some around the world it might even be Boxing Day!  Hope you  have all had a lovely time and I hope to be around more in 2017.

I will be taking some time off work which will hopefully give me some timme to create and blog about it!
More on that another time.
Take care all.

Cracker swap 2016 - My Swap to Kim.

Cracker Swap 2016
This year I decided to sign up for just one swap and thought this one would be a fun one to try and I hadd not done it before.
Firstly I needed to intercept a kitchen roll before it was squashed in to the recycling!
I was then pair up with Kim and set about making and finding some lovely Christmas items to fill the kitchen roll.

I do not seem to have any other pictures but the one below of the items that I sent.  However, it inlcuded a stocking, felt decoration, book mark, ribbon, tissue holder, mini torch keyring, chocolate, Eden keyring, Eden pencil and some festive bell earrings!

I manged to keep all of the contents together by wrapping round some fabric which I hope Kim will be able to use next year!
 It has since arrived and if you would like to pop over and seee Kim's blog then click on the link

Next post will show what Kim sent me.
Take care and Merry Christmas everyone!

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