Saturday, 30 January 2016

Help! Phone to blog images.

Dear All
I have been able to get images from my phone on to my blog for some time.  However I have upgraded (same make Samsung S6 just next version up) and access to my phone images stops the day I changed, the 15th January.

Any suggestions as I am at a loss as to how I can access images on my new phone unless I keep usiing theold one for blog pictures.  
Carrying around two phones seems silly.

Ho Hum, don't you just love technology!
Happy Saturday.

My image dated before phone change.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Silver beaded bracelet

After the success of the first blue beaded bangle I started another but then forgot to post about it.  This did start out as a kit that my hubby bought for  a birthday some years ago.  Much easier to do than I realised.

You think that this is never going to look any good, but as it starts o grow and you gradually add the beads it is amazing how good it looks.

I think that I shall add these to my workshop class list as it is very accessible and fun to do.  As for these I shall either sell them or start off my present box for the end of the year.  No I am refusing to use that word , it is only January!
Friday tomorrow and after last weekends massive marking session I intend to have some family and me time this weekend.
All play and no work............. well you know the rest.

Monday, 25 January 2016

OPAM 2016

I have signed up for the 6th year (I think) for OPAM and it is a great challenge whereby the aim is to get all those half made projects finished .  At least one a month which you then blog about and if you ake more than one item they aall added up and you submitt a total to Peg or Chris.

It really does foucs the mind and I get a real satisfaction from getting things finished that i have sometimes even forgotten about!

there is a certain set of curtains that have been staring at me for quite some kind!!
If you think you might like to give this a try click HERE and take a look at the guidelines.

Take Care

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Beaded and knitted bracelet part 2

After the successs of my first bracelet I decided to see what else I had in the waay of beads and wire and had enough to put together this version.

Shaped the ends to attach to the adjustable clasp.

Added seed and bugle beads randomly as I went along.

This fastening came from a kit I never made and it matched the colour scheme.

Which one do you prefer?  This bracelet or the blue version below?

I have now gone and found some bronze wire and matching beads in my neglected bead box...........Hmmmmm, I think a third one is on its way but perhaps this time a slightly different take on it.


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Christmas Card swap 2015

Last Christmas Sarah  (Twiggypeasticks) and I decided to do a little card swap together.  So why not do it again for a second year?
Above is the cross stitch and felt card that Sarah sent me....but there is a doubles up as a Christmas Tree decoration!

The colours go with our colour scheme and I think it is a brilliant idea which i think I might pinch for next year.

Of course I needed to send a card too and .......
..............I have forgotten which one I embarrassing!  I made the set shown above and only these (I really must start much earlier).
So we both had the same technique idea.

I like using hessian and jute  fabrics and combining it with loose linen fabric I thought it made a good change from glitter and sequins.

My new decoration has now been added to my collection of handmade tree decs that have been sent to me by blogger friends since 2008.

Many thanks I love them all and this year for the first time I used them to decorate my classroom and they generated quite a bit of interest!.

Quite glad it is Friday tomorrow been a very long week and my poor old eyes have really felt the strain this week.

Take Care

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A little knitted beading

Been wanting to make thi for months and finally the Christmas break gave me the chance to sit down and string some beads on to jewellery wire.  I mixed up seed beads along with larger different shapes beads in shades of navy blue

I ended up making a cuff/bracelet.  This was part of a kit that I bought at Creative Stitches on Exeter but I decided to add lots of my own beads as well.  

Always need a close up shot!

I used the clasp which came with the kit. and all I need now is somewhere special to go to wear it or would it be prudent to start a present bag in January?

Really enjoyed making this in front of the televisionso much that I have in fact started another one!!
Will post that next.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Valentine Swap 2016

To start off the new year and help to dust off my blog I have signed up to the swap above.  Click HERE if you would like to find out more and sign up.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New year 2016!

Happy New Year to you all!!

Oh dear! It has been about 4 months since I was last here.  Been busy with Facfebook, Instagram and my workshops but I hope to be back here more often
I realise that i have probably lost aa lot of people as a result but sometimes you have to have a break from something to learn or develop something else.

So I have just uploaded my first Art Journal Challenge since May and the December 2015 theme was to make an Art Journal for loose pages.  I swapped this a little to work with what I tend to create, so I made this...............
I used some vintage fabric that I found at a Fair at bedruthan Hotel in October.  I used acrylic paint to highlight some of the flowers and leaves.  Added a tie and pelemt vilene to add a bit of strength.
I added a hand drawn and hand stitched label to the front.
To the inside I added a strip of elastic so that I can add sketchbooks, loose paper etc.  Not started using it yet but I will over the coming year.

Just a quick post but i do have things to post about from the Vhristmas break including a card swap with twiggy and my Santa Sacj swap partner.  
I also have some blogs to catch up with too.

So lovely to be back and I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!

Best wishes and take care.
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