Monday, 22 June 2015

Crochet WIP and workshops

I have tried to be strict with myself and set aside some Me Time, which is quite difficult this time of year at work.
 I have always wanted to make a blanket like this but other styles caught my eye as well!  The wool is from Stylecraft and I bought it last August but other things got int he way.  So to continue with my 2014 promise of crochet advancement, I decided in January 2015 that this would carry on.
 I tried a couple of different sized hooks but in the end I settled for a 4.5mm hook which may or may not be the right size but it works for me.
I have been making them in groups of 2 colourways at a time as i like to try and use up the colours evenly across the blanket.
Not sure when this is going to get done but I am averaging two squares an evening ( I slow down after 8pm) and I hope to have it done by September/October time.

I have been a bit absent from my blog as it has been sooooo busy at work but I have also been working on my workshops and researching venues and materials.  Not sure how it is going to develop and I will be honest that it has been a trickle rather than a rush to sign up but I have had nothing but encouragement and that it is a good idea and much needed locally.  I just need more sign ups but I suppose it will take time and i need a few more sessions to have been completed and advertise what is being made by those that come to entice others to come along.

So I shall be back and I have signed up for a couple of swaps.
If anyone has a Face book page could I ask  (Or beg ) that you could pop over and Like, share my workshop and business page to just try and give it a bit of exposure.  I would be very grateful,
If you are on holiday in Cornwall on 24th July and fancy making some bunting and any other project that you would like help with then get in touch!


Many thanks and have a lovely week!


Tracy said...

The blanket looks fab, I like the way the dark borders make the colours pop! X

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Really lovely xx

Indigo Blue said...

My Facebook likes has increased by quite a few, so if that was you out there who helped thank you very much!

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