Wednesday, 6 May 2015

April OPAM -Round Up

April turned out to be quite a successful month and some of that is due to me going back to my little sewing group after a 2.5 year gap studying for my A Level and then my print class.
So I thought a little round up might be in order to celebrate and to spur me on.
Knitted scarf for our Wizard of Oz Production
City and Guilds sample turned in to a cushion.
Cross stitch lavender sachet which is now in my car.
Applique cushion cover which now has a new duck down pad and I all ready for a birthday next month.
Been a bit of a cushion month!  Another for a retirement do last week.
Plus a tissue holder.............oh picture will not load.  I shall take another but anyway the  tissue holder is in a very bright fabric and means that you do not need to struggle with those silly little plastic wrappers which end of breaking anyway.  They can be re-used and washed.  Will post at the weekend and I shall probably make another for my first workshop on 6th June and there has been quite a bit of interest today on that which made my day!
Well it is getting late so off to my bed.
Take care all

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