Thursday, 23 April 2015

Toffy is 5 Today!!

Toffy is our crazy cat and is technically Sophie's cat.  However Dad and I tend to but the food, feed him etc but Sophie is very good at spending time with him and he follows her around the house.
Long time readers will know the story I think but just in case..............Toffy is a rescue cat and was the only one in his litter to have these distinctive markings.  Just like his Mum.
He was a tiny scrap of a thing when we brought him home.
Everything was just so big.....including those ears which were Toffy coloured then.
He just sleeps any where and yo have to be really careful if yo walk around the house at night and he has chosen to stay in doors!
He loves his Cat Dreamies treats, tuna, his woolly pom pom toy and and stretching out on the tarpaulin covering a boat.
He will chase anything that moves such as ping pong balls, bits of string, and if you are a bug then watch out!
We did think the bee on one occasions was not a good idea and we picked him up and carried him indoors!
Toffy has been a good source of amusement over the last 5 years and is a part of the family.
Happy Birthday Toff!


Jo said...

Happy Birthday Toffy!

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful. Happy Birthday Toffy! X

kiwikid said...

Happy birthday Toffy!! Beautiful cat.

cristina said...

Haaaaaaappy birthdaaaaaay, Toffy!!!!! love it!

WendyCarole said...

Belated Happy Birthday Greetings. he is a very handsome chap :)

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