Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Vintage Sewing Box Story

This story shows what a big thoughtful softie my Hubby is and that men do listen and remember even if they do not appear to be doing so!
April 2014 Hubby and I went away for a few days to Burford  in Cotswold's.  We have been there before to stay over night when I used to travel up country to attend meetings to mark GCSE Textiles papers.
There are several antiques shops there and after years of looking for a Vintage sewing box I finally found one.
I had just been given an Outstanding by Ofsted and was looking for a "Well done me" treat but felt that this was too much so I walked away and never thought about it again.
Then  my birthday came along 8 months later and guess what?...............
On one of Hubby's many trips to Grimsby as part of his job he had made a detour to Burford and bought the above sewing box, hidden it in the house ( and there are not many places that I do not go due to cleaning etc).  Everyone knew about it apart from me and they all kept it a secret!
I already had a few items that I had been collecting over the years in the hope that I would find one but a few bits came with it.
The items above I already had except the scissors.  They are not all of the same period and even the date of the box is questionable but I do not care, I love it.
There is a little fold down pocket in the lid.
It came with its own key which still works.
The padded sections reveal compartments underneath.
These two items came with the box, a pair of scissors and I think an awl.

There is a tray which lifts out and there is space to store other sewing items.
This is a tape measure (which still works) that I have had for years.  Now some of these items do have bone parts which s people find unacceptable and I do as well, these are old and at their time of being made it was acceptable.  There are things we do now that the future will not like such as landfill. Sewing  is a part of History that I find interesting and the small size of some of these sewing tools must have made using them quite fiddly.  

I doubt these are of the same era but I have had these for years and they are now stored in the bottom compartment.

I love wooden cotton reels and the labels that are attached.  So much more attractive than the ones we have now.
I found this in February.  Any ideas as to what it is?
I thought it was a compact to start with.
A vintage mini sewing kit with pins and needle which opens up when the catch is undone and folds flat and shut when you shut it again.
Very clever.  I found this in Lostwithiel for any Cornish readers.
I hope to gradually add to this over time, it links to my interests and job plus the enjoyment that Sophie and I get out of talking about this box.
So many thanks plus hugs and kisses for a Hubby who really did go out of his way by hundred of miles to surprise me with a gift like this.
I was quite speechless on my birthday and this is probably the most thoughtful gift I have ever had.
So, some men do listen and remember.....................


Chookyblue...... said...

wow what a special gift for your birthday......lucky you.........

Brynwood Needleworks said...

There's nothing as precious as a loving and thoughtful husband. What a lovely surprise for your special day. Happy (Extended) Birthday, girlfriend!

kiwikid said...

Oh wow!!! How lucky are you!!! That is a beautiful box!! And lovely bits and bobs inside it!! How lovely too that your hubby was listening and went back to get it for you! He is a keeper!!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. You must have a good man there. X

Tracy said...

Wow! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift, one to treasure for many years to come. Enjoy! X

Mad about Craft said...


I feel it it is appropriate to add other vintage items as that would happen naturally as new items were sewn with different notions and threads.

Annie Cholewa said...

Oh. My. Stars. That gorgeous box and your enchanting collection of vintage sewing tools and such ... you are one lucky lady :o)

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