Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Instagram V Blogging

About a week ago I decided to sign up to Instagram and I have finally figured it out!  I have some followers already and I have started following some in return.  One of them is Instagram itself and there are lots of lovely images, but there are also some quite wired/odd/not sure what is going on,  images as well.  But that is social media for you I suppose.
I would love to find some of my blog friends too if you have an Instagram account so please let me know and I shall switch on my phone.
Just type in 
Or click on the icon at the top of this blog.
Did not want the odd dashes as they are in fact spaces but it came up as this, typical.  I have kept the blue flower logo which is easier to find!

I do like how easy it is to load up pictures and be able to comment and Like what people have added.  At the moment I fail to see how it has possibly taken users away from blogging.  It is ideal for on the go with photographs etc but so far I do not feel the same inclusion that I get with my blog.  One follower has pleaded that I do not stop blogging now that I have joined Instagram.....no chance of that even though my hits and comments have rather dropped through the floor over recent months but that might be linked to my post content as it has shifted slightly with my interest in Art Journaling and I do not post everyday. There is a good reason for this and maybe this holiday I shall reveal that reason.
I like blogging even on the days when I can not really think of anything worth while and perhaps skip a few days until I do, or several days in some cases.    Bloogging without obligation was a badge that went round blogland a few years ago.  It is in my side bar if you would like to pop it on yours.  Sorry but I can not remember where is got ir originally.
I like being able to look back on posts to recall certain memories, such as the fact it will be Toffy's 5th Birthday next month, we have it recorded the day we brought him home for the first time.
Our trips away, family issues, crafting successes........... and failures!
I love the  comments left, the blog friends that I have made and yet to make.  Even if I find Instagram fun I do not feel that I can walk away from a blog that helped me to become involved with swaps, competitions, learn new skills, find out about new crafts and helped me to get involved with social media and has taken 8 years to build up.  Well my 8th blog birthday is in September so perhaps 7.5 years be fore accurate.

Much of the above can also happen with Instagram as well, there are swaps and competitions, but Indigo Blue started here and will continue, it has just diversified a little..................
I have also found a handy little Instagram app called InstaFrame which enables you to load up a multi framed  or collage version of the photograph.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini but I am sure it works on other phones as well.  Quite good fun to use.  I have also been playing around with a 15 second video facility which is not easy as 15 seconds goes nowhere but I have added my Art Journal as a 2 part flip.  I have several pages to go but I have very nearly finished my first Midori Sketchbook.

For now I am enjoying the challenge of using a new platform and at the same time using my camera phone a lot more.
So if you wish to follow me and see what I am doing then I would be delighted to see you.
Take care and have a good week.


Chookyblue...... said...

so pleased to hear your sticking with blogging too as that is all I do............

Indigo Blue said...

I have no intentions of going anywhere!

Carol said...

I must admit I do prefer Instagram. Quicker and I 've made a lot of friends (including those I meet up with at Yarndale and a gang of 17 of us are having a hooky weekend later this month).
Blogger is not very conducive to coomments via my Ipad but IG is fine.
Hope the clearing/sorting going well, thank you for visiting my neglected blog.
Off to find you on IG.
Carol aka Dansnan xxx

Indigo Blue said...

Blogging and leaving comments using an iPad was tricky when I first tried. Commenting is now the same and I jave struggled still with an iPad. That is something that blogger may have to look I to if it is to maintain its popularity. While my dear old laptop is still going I shall keep going, but now I have found that my Samsung tablet ( which came with my phone) behaves in exactly the same way as my laptop so I have been saved from worrying about it at the moment. The iPad belongs to my job anyway so I only use it for commenting not blogging anyway. Many thanks for visiting Carol, good,point about the iPad.

Indianna said...

I love both for different reasons. I find if I use Bloglovin on my Ipad then it is easy to leave comments on Blogs.

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