Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter WIP's

The Easter holidays have begun and boy am I glad that it has arrived.  My poor old hip is really complaining and as soon as my group has done their GCSE exam I am booking myself in for another cortisone injection!
Anyway, apart from a boot full of work,which is probably bulky more than quantity,  I also intend on completing a few projects which are on my To Do list.
First up are some family Easter Cards.  The one above is for Sophie and hubby and I will put some money inside.  Her Godmother has already given us an Easter Egg to pass on to her  and I do not like her being given too many and at 12 years old having a bit of extra pocket money will be appreciated, some of her felt tip pens have run out recently.  Sophie likes to decorate the house and she has already asked us about what Easter means and how it relates to the Bible and the story behind it, and I think hubby and I did quite well in answering her questions.  Sophie also likes to spend time at home and has turned down offers to go out too much.  A bit of a home bird at the moment and I am glad that she likes to spend time at home and with her Mum and Dad, we must be doing something right.
Next up is a card for my Mum which needs to go in the post tomorrow, and this has lots of flowers and colour on a square background.  Hope she likes it.
Today I made my holiday trip to the range and I am in the process of creating my March Monthly Challenge entry and I am determined to complete it in the right month this time!  I just needed some Acrylic paint in a colour which I had run out of.  I have signed up for the Hobbycraft Club, after three attempts at being told I could do it online, I was finally agreed with that you need to sign up in the SHOP to actually get your card!  Nearly a year I have been trying, anyway do it now.
Next in line is my Wizard of Oz scarf, some more crochet squares and finalising my first online pattern.  But what format should I have it in?  Paper or digital format?

It has been awful weather in Cornwall this weekend and seeing as Hubby is working in Plymouth tomorrow, Sophie and i are having a nail painting and card making session.  The last time we made cards during the Easter Holidays, hubby was working away and our crafting lasted 3 days!!  Sophie had cards for her friends for the next 12 months.
I hope whatever you plan to do tomorrow pans out well.  
Take care

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