Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Crochet Project Started!!!! At Last.

I have been a regular visitor to Attic 24 for some time and over the summer holidays I thought I really would like to be able to have the fire (gas) on and do some wool related project.  I made a knitted square blanket with each square using a different stitch when the magazine series The Art of Knitting was out.  quite frankly it put me off ever making any ever again.
So after several days thought I ordered from the Wool Warehouse the Attic 24 style craft special DK colour pack with 17colours in it.
The above is an example of what I am hoping to make.
This is from PaisleyJade blogspot and she made it for her husband.
I intended on getting through the Autumn term with this project but due to so much going on I never got to start it.  so my Autumn project has now become my Spring project.
I tried out a test square using a 5.5mm hook which is may favourite but it seems a little too loose so that is now a coaster by my sewing machine.
I then produced another square using a 5.0mm and I think (hope) that will be ok.
Using my Granny crochet square bag and Goolge for colour inspiration I have decided to have 5 colour rows and then a 6th row in Black.  I am going to need more black yarn!
So after some marking I decided to sit down and make my first square.  Took ages as I got the colours to to added and tried to make it as even as possible.  I am sure I will get quicker as I go along.  I have watched several Youtube videos on how to add them all together and I think I shall throw caution to the wind and join them as I go along.  
How big is this going to be?
Have not got a clue at this point I shall see how it develops.  I have quite a few colours and each ball is 100g so lots of hooky time to go.  I am going to try and aim for at lest a square a night during the week.  Weekends I have swap items to do which need natural daylight really plus a quilt top that is still glaring at me 3 years down the line!
Have you started a new project?
Put a link in the comment box and let others come and see it.


Joanne Wilson said...

I've just started a quilt made out of Liberty hexagons. I'm making it easy on myself & just picking up the colours as I stitch. I also need to start a crochet blanket too. Love the look of your blanket. x

Lynn/Kitty said...

Hi A. Long time no 'see'. After I closed down The Bloggy Bits, I missed blogging, so have moved to a photography blog. I've been keeping up with you, but not commenting. However, I wanted to say 'Happy New Year' and also tell you that I too have, after many years of wanting to do it, begun a hooky blanket project. No idea when it'll get finished, but it has been started. Take care. x

Wendy said...

Don't you just love Lucy's projects. I am working on her cozy blanket right now in rainbow colors as I was waiting on my order of her color pack to arrive. So, I will have two of these when finished. Your project is going to be so lovely when finished.

Indigo Blue said...

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