Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Monthly Challenge Group- Word of the Year 2015- HAPPINESS

For the firs time I have signed for this months challenge as I thought that the start of 2015 would be a good time to start.
The challenge is to design and make a postcard which features a word that means something for you during the year of 2015.
I have decided to pick the word
Due to various things over the past 4 years this is not a state/position/feeling that I always find myself with.
However, I have found this a little harder than I thought and I have ended up with two entries and I need to narrow it down to just one.
Option 1
 This postcard has been created using Aquacolour crayons and water.  Plus cutouts and water colour pencils with fineliner pen.  The word is added with a marker pen but I hit a lumpy section and the second "S" I think looks like a number 5?  Blast!  Does it notice too much?  I suppose it does now that I have mentioned it.
I added blue mulberry paper to the top third and pastel to show up the water colour paper.
Option B
This is also on water colour paper with paints and highlighted with a black finer liner.
The word has been created using a stamp on to painted water colour paper and then attached to the surface of the postcard.
They are both completely different and both have an organic theme to them.  I like being outside but not if it is too cold!
Brightly coloured flowers in gardens, flower shops etc always put a smile on my face then of they are scented even better.  I love Dahlias, but so do the slugs where I live, but big displays of these flowers at National Trust venues are a must for my camera.  As are roses and just about any kind of plant.  
Sissinghurst Castle is a must to visit near Cranbrook in Kent UK.
So....... which one do you think?
I need to upload my chosen entry or flip a coin by the end of the week, so any opinions would be gratefully received.
I need to get in the swing of this a bit more I think, but I do like a theme or a goal to work to.
The current Le Challenge theme is DOTS.  Still thinking about that one...................

1 comment:

Ali said...

Oh I love option B it is so so pretty. I made me happy just looking at it.
Ali xx

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