Friday, 2 January 2015

A Year In Pictures - 2014

I am hoping that this will not be too long but I thought for a change I would do a post showing 2014 in pictures, mainly the makes, visits or events that I liked.
OPAM 2014 went very well this year but I do confess that some of the projects were quite small this year due to time but also the projects that I happened to be working on at the time.
I save my pictures in monthly files which I then transfer to a Blog file for that particular year so I shall pick through each one and see what i can find.
I began the year with a conscious effort to get to grips with crochet and I have made some headway with this.
Added some new projects to my list for Textiles club.
February saw a new direction for my crochet.
Patterns started to make a bit more sense and I was quite chuffed with my first mandalas.
The month did not start off very well with a broken finger which was the start of a 7 month process to get it sorted out as a cyst was found.
Mother's day was lovely with these gorgeous flowers and gifts from Sophie.
More participation with Le Challenge has also enabled me to come up with some more gift ideas and get things done.
Swapped some books with my SIL and managed to keep reading new books until the beginning of December.  I will try and add them to my book list at the top of this blog.
Another Le Challenge finish .
I took over the kitchen table to prepare for my A Level practical exam.
Opam going well with still more items to be completed.
I decided to join the above creative group in Ning run by Jenniebellie.
Finally edged and completed this bag which I will now be putting on my Website ready for Valentines. As lining it proved to take time finding a suitable fabric.
 A bumper fruit crop this year.
Finalllllllllllly fully finished!
Crochet is now good enough for gift making!
Started a new charity project with my Year 8 Textiles Club.
My gorgeous daisies came into bloom.  I know summer is here when they are out.
Found an ATC swap group that I think I can get to grips with.  The standard is high and I quickly needed to up my game.
A much needed break at my SIL in Seaford.
Got caught up in the Loom band craze.
Read another book.  Quite a big one so a while since the last one.
More time for baking and using up fruit in the freezer and growing in the garden.
Busy with website commissions.
Still crochet but now in different shapes!
A holiday on  cruise ship to the Adriatic.
New part of the world to us but far too hot.  Sophie was not well the first two days either so memorable for the wrong reasons but still an experience.
 Getting settled into ATC challenges.
Stopped in my tracks with my hand operation which I thought would be ok considering it was such a small cut but it was right up there with my appendix and Sophie arriving!
All better quite quickly but it did slow down my planning for September.
 September started with some Happy post from Jenneibellie.  I bought one of her mystery mail envelopes.  As yet I have not used it but I will when the time is right.
 Arrival of the purple Fauxdori.  Lovely colour leather, will last me for years and years.
 Another ATC swap on the the theme of Postage.
Really liked these and I decided to follow this up with an Art journal page of the same theme in my Fauxdori which got the ball rolling with that sketchbook.
 Some crochet stocking fillers.
 More Textiles club planning and making.
An Autumn project ordered but not yet started, so it will now be a Spring project.
 I decided to start decorating the little hats that My Mum had made for The Big Knit and to carry on with my crochet pledge I made some mini crochet flowers.
 Skipped Le Challenge in September sue to time but I was back there again in October.
 The odd fun purchase.
 Art Journal finally started.
 Printing evening class in full swing.
 Halloween fun.
A birthday make for my God Daughter.
 More website orders.
On a roll with the Art Journal.
Crochet Poppies to raise money for Poppy Day.
Santa Sack Swap 2014.
 Last ATC swap of 2014 - Vintage Santa
 Final commission of 2014
 Printed my own cards and sent one to Twiggy in a swap.  Will post her card tome next.  Very cute.
 Journal page for Christmas 2014
There has been so much more and I did not think I would have much to put here.  Now that the New Year has started I hope to blog about some of my A level and printing work which always seems to take a back seat.  Mainly because of such poor light to take pictures out of my sketchbooks but perhaps I could take them at work during lunch breaks.
Anyway , hope I have not bored you too much but this is an on line diary and I wanted to record the end of the year slightly differently this year.
Many thanks to those of you who visit and especially those who take the time to comment.  There are loads who visit from the USA, please let me know who you are as I would love to visit your blog or website in return.
Best wishes


Twiggy said...

Wow you have achieved such a lot. I am so impressed with how much your crochet has improved. Well done.

inkberryblue said...

Hi Andrea! Just wanted to pop in and say that your crochet is beautiful! You've come such a long way. Congratulations! Also wanted to add that I'm glad you've recovered from your hand operation. Ouch. I hope the coming year brings health and lots of happiness to you and your family.

Ali said...

Wow I can't believe how much you've achieved in just one year. You really got to grips with crochet, I love the bag you made. You've inspired me with your art journaling so fingers crossed I will make a go of it this year.
Ali xx

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