Friday, 12 December 2014

Doodle Blot

I was not really sure what to call this post but hopefully the pictures will explain it better and I found it quite fun to do.
Whilst colouring some white cotton last weekend I had some paper underneath to protect the table (not sure why after all the paint and other marks on it but it is the thought that counts right?) and it left some lovely shapes.
A colourful merging of blues and purples which has blended due to the water that had been added at the time.
Then I picked out a black sharpie pen because I wanted something that would be quite blod to contrast with the diluted paints.
I added to some of the lines to make them a little thicker and to then  add some highlights I used a corrector pen.  I did not really want to use this but I did not have my white paint pen with me.  
I think this picture was taken just before I added the corrector pen and I can not find another so perhaps I never took one!  Honestly it has been a bit of a week all round, but I shall save that story for another time.
Next up is a sheet that I very nearly put in the recycling then thought it was worth seeing what I could come up with so this time I tried...............
Using oil pastels, mainly because the box was sat on my desk but also I thought that some of the colours in the box would give a bit of a tropical look which the painted background was suggesting to me.
I mixed greens, orange, yellow, white and finaly a bit of black.
The base was a mixture of light brown and very pale yellow which is not really showing up very well in the photo.  I also added some long trailing stems to the outer areas.
On reflection, I am not sure if perhaps three flowers may have looked more in proportion but it was a little spontaneous doodling between sessions at work yesterday and thinking did not really come in to it.
Might put them in my Fauxdori sketchbook.
Have a lovely weekend.  We are going to actually get started on Christmas this weekend.

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Ali said...

Wow I love how you changed the ink blots into works of art, they both look beautiful. Hope you've managed to get cracking with your Christmas plans. Ali xx

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