Wednesday, 31 December 2014

ATC - Vintage Santa

In December I entered the Blissful Atc swap and the theme this time was Vintage Santa.  I saw this was coming up months in advance and I deliberately started working out what they would look like in September.
I have emailed my partner but as yet I have not had a reply so I assume she has received them.
I started by adding some coffee on the ATC cards and then a little paint to give an older vintage look about them.  The snow flake in the corner of the card shown above is actually one of my cupcake holders from my birthday last year and I simply cut it up, stained it and then glued it on.  The images are part of a decoupage sheet that I found when we were in Brugge a couple of years ago and I thought they were lovely.  I still have some left for another time.
I also added some sprinkling of glitter to each card so I hope that Sonya did not end up with an envelop full of it and nothing left on the cards!
I used Archival ink to stain all of the white edges to make them look much older with the Sepia ink.  Very effective and goes well with so many themes.
The ATC cards that I buy come with cute little mini envelopes so I edged these with archival ink and added a stamp to the front of each one.  Again to help them travel much better and for storage if needed.
I am really pleased with how these turned out and I am thinking of perhaps making a bigger version to go in to my Art Journal but the proportions might not work out right.
I also sent off some bits and pieces to make further ATC cards but I did not take a picture of them, never mind.  Hopefully Sonya will find will find them useful at some point.
It is Hubby's birthday today and we are off to see Paddington at the cinema (tried yesterday but it was sold out!).
Then meeting up with his parents tomorrow for New Years Day.
So I wish yo all a Happy and safe 2015 and I do have a new journal page for the New Year which I will put up tomorrow.
Take care and all the best.

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Indigo Blue said...

Dear All,
My ATC cards from Sonya have just arrived in the post so I shall blog about them in the next few days. I have also added some of my photos to my flickr page as well.

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