Monday, 24 November 2014

Sketchbook Sunday - on a Monday Art Journal Page 1

I do not know what happened ................first the post was there and vanished - along with my curtain pole rings that I can not find at the moment, but that is another story!
You may remember I bought this Fauxdori field note book and leather cover in the summer as I wanted a more portable sketchbook and I also wanted to venture into the area of Art Journaling.
I have found lots of inspiration on Youtube and spend most of my bed time reading time looking at the videos to get ideas. My first try shown above was ok and led on from an ATC swap that I had recently finished.  However, I wanted to do something a bit more abstract.
So going back to Youtube I stumbled on various art journalers and came upon France Papilion and decided to not copy as such but use one of her video's as a starting point.
I have only just ventured into the world of Gesso which is meant to make non-porous surfaces porous enough to take paint and I was a bit surprised at how grainy and rough it is when it dries.  I used ripped water colour paper and watercolour paints plus ink splats and inked paper edges to get the above effect.  I used Tacky Glue to stick it done and that is very good glue if you buy craft glue a lot.  You do not need much as it certainly sticks.
I felt it looked a little bare and I can not bring myself to actually write on any of my pages yet, so I went upstairs to see what else I could find in this colour scheme.
I took out some fabric that crinkled and would add texture plus some wool roving before it is made into felt.
I also found some pre-painted Tyvek left over from my A level and laid these on the page until I liked their position.
I put the wool roving behind the Melted Tyvek and glued down with the marvellous Tacky Glue.
The Tyvek has been painted with blue, silver and gold acrylic before heat is applied and crinkles the surface.
This picture shows more Tyvek but also the pre-crinkled fabric.  I have had it for years and used it for so many projects I sadly have no idea where I first bought it.  Very effective on these pages.
Shows up well in this photograph and that was the effect that I was after.  I like the abstract look of these pages along with one of my favourite colour combinations.  I want to give these pages a title or name.  Any ideas?
I was quite pleased with my first pages here and I have already started my next in which I intend on trying out my own idea straight from scratch now that I have had the guidance form France.  I want to create smaller sketchbook pages which I feel I can complete when I do not have much time, use up lots of scraps which my A level course generated and generally have fun cutting, sticking, painting and creating!
Hope you like this and I shall make sure that I press the publish key more carefully next Sunday.
Take care.


Ali said...

Your abstract design is gorgeous. I love everything that's going on, so many different textures working together. The blue shades are beautiful and made me think of a lagoon (maybe inspiration for a name). I am about to attempt to make a fauxdori, fingers crossed.
Ali xx

Twiggy said...

How pretty, all my favourite colours. I think I would call it ocean blue
Twiggy x

Monica G. M said...

lovely. it's too good to be inside a journal, lol.

art journalling set my creativity free. taught me a lot about perfectionism, authentic voice, letting go, just having fun and playing. i hope it brings you much joy and opens up many doors for you.

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