Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Big Knit is Back!

Regular and long time readers will know that I like to take part in The Big Knit with Innocent Drinks to help raise money for Age UK.
The Big Knit has been going for about 11 years and I think I first took part in 2008 but I will have to go back through my blog to check.  Well actually I think I will, back in a mo..................
I have just visited their site HERE as well.
I'm Back................I first spotted it in 2008 but did not have a go until 2009 but I did not think to take any pictures!
I have found the following:
My first effort sin 2009
Went Pom Pom mad in 2013.
Forgot or lost picture for 2012 and the Autumn of 2011 was a sad time for my family and I did not make any at all.
So this year my approach has been slightly different and due to the fact that i roped my Mum in on it this time and that the hand in date seems much later , by 12th December I have these to show you.  
The Big Knit 2014
I think that these are the best so far.  I knitted three of them and my Mum knitted the rest.
I then picked them up when I last visited and brought them back to Cornwall.
Then to continue with my 2014 Getting to Grips with Crochet , I decided to crochet little flowers and then sew them on to the front of each hat!  Not sure about doing any Pom Poms this year.  What do you think?  Would adding a Pom Pom be too much.
I am now going to knit a few more hats myself and due to the hand in date being later I am thinking of getting colleagues at work involved and some are much better crochet makers than I ma and there is a crochet hat pattern on the website which is
there are also some novelty hats there too but to be honest just trying to knit straight of an evening after a long day at work is enough and I like making the little flowers.  Got another idea for them too!
So if you have some scraps and small needles pop over and take a look and there is  also a help video and patterns to get you started.
It is a really fun project which helps to raise money, uses up nice scrap wool and is an annual event that I find myself looking out for.
Take care and I shall be back later in the week.


Joanne Wilson said...

They look great, I love the little flower on them.

Ali said...

The hats you've created for this year look wonderful. I'd try the addition of a pompom to some. I always think they look so happy in the shops and I would certainly pick one that looked more fun. As the date is later I just might make a few. Hope you have a lovely week.
Ali xx

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