Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Now, I have not quite got this round the right way today but never mind. 
Sophie was allowed to be in charge of the pumpkin and the knife this year.  ( I was watching like a hawk mind you.)  She decided what it would look like.
Sophie emptied it out and saved a large number of seeds.
 I have my pumpkin and decorated jam jars outside glowing with candle light and it is too dark to take any decent pictures!  I should have taken them earlier, doh!
So here is a copy of last years pumpkin................
Well, I have just been asked by Sophie to replace the candles so I took a chance and used my camera anyway.
This is a little blurred but I think you can see the hand painted jar with tissue paper.  We made them in my Textiles club so I hope the others are shinning well in gardens .
Sophie made this one and then we popped a third outside to give off some more light and I will definitely do them again next year.  They worked really well.
This is Sophie's pumpkin and we decided it was a Happy Pumpkin and the smile sort of reminded us of  Monsters Inc.
Once Sophie and a few friends, plus a parent went off to Trick or Treat I set about roasting the seeds.
I found a Jamie Oliver step by step on what to do just for something to refer to. At the same time I had a good sort out of my herbs and spices.  Amazed at how many had gone out of date!
*Rinsed them.
*Put on a tray
*Cover in Olive oil
*Add Sea Salt
*Any herb or chili something,  I added Italian herbs as everything else by now was in the bin!
*Mix round to cover all of the seeds
*180 oven for 10 mins or until golden brown.  Mine did take longer than 10 mins.
*Allow to cool and then pop in a dish.
*Can be kept for a few days in an air tight container.

I am nibbling a few as I type this. Yum.
Sophie decided to dress up as Hermione Grainger and her friend went as a clown.  I had a few visitors to my door but not as many as last year.  One year I rang out of treats, just have no idea how many will show up.
When Sophie got back we watched Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie!  Followed by Scooby-Doo and Spooky Island!  I know how to live  on a Friday night!
Anyway, another day tomorrow and my first Christmas present is finished and because the young lady who is going to be receiving it does not visit my blog, I shall post a picture or two.
Take care, Oh nearly forgot made a cake as well today.

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