Friday, 17 October 2014

A magical little Buy

Every now and again you purchase something which you think is a bargain and then it turns out not to be!
During the summer holidays I decided to get a few cheap little paints to take to evening class but to also put together some teaching resources and I did not want to use my Windsor and Newton paint box.
So at the beginning of the summer holidays we ventured into the Truro branch of the The Range and as usual went our separate ways.
I started looking for paint and found the above little box.
I picked it up but almost at once put it down again and wandered off to search elsewhere.
As I walked round the idea of a stack able box started to appeal especially with the start up of my printing course and not knowing what we might be doing.
At £1.99 I thought I could not lost and if I did not like it perhaps it would do as a stocking filler for Sophie.
Well, when I got home I was very pleasantly surprised.  Off came the wrapping and i started to look at the layers.
The layers twist slightly to hold them together, now this bit is not as perfect as you might think and they do not stay together without fail but enough and once in my Art bag they stay shut.  I was really pleased with the colours and the range that they came in.
They can be mixed and do so very well. I have used them alot since I bought them at the beginning of August and the colours showed up very clearly in any photographs that I took of work using them.  They are just the right size to hold each layer in the palm of your hand (important to me as I do not have very large hands).
I have used them on both fabric (not going to wash it) and on various papers.
This is a Batik that I created on cartridge paper and then colour was added using the above cheap paints.  I think that the colours are a lovely shade.
As I said, fabric is also a surface that I had used these paints on and again I have tried them out with a smaller Batik sample.
I have used these paints for other work which I will feature this weekend and there does seem to be any signs of them running out.  The paint sections seem to be as deep as the central circle which I suppose could be used for water.
Basically, these cheap and cheerful little  pack of paints are a cute size, very portal and contains a great range of colours.
So a magical little Buy.
In fact, I like this box so much that last weekend i went back and bought another one!


Indianna said...

Lovely stocking filler ... Do you mind if I ask where you bought them?

Twiggy said...

We've got one of those, think mine was about £7.00 from an art supplies shop a couple of years ago, but still worth the money. Both Twiglet and I use it
Twiggy x

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