Friday, 12 September 2014

More Loom Band training...

Last weekend Sophie and I decided to spent some Mummy/daughter time together which means that Sophie gets to choose what we will do.
Well, the latest  craze for Sophie is Loom Banding.  In fact it is a craze that has actually lasted for many weeks now so I think it is here to stay for quite a while.
So, I had my second lesson in loom banding............
When we went to Plymouth last week I decided that if I can beat this loom banding I may as well join them so I bought the above loom at a Toy shop.  The hook is actually one of my crochet hook.  They were selling proper metal crochet hooks on the nearby stand just for Loom banding, I bet there has been a huge surge in the sale of these little tools!
Sophie thought that a couple of simple bracelets would make a good lesson so I ended up using this teeny weeny loom instead.
I found it quite fiddly and clearly my little finger is still not fully back to normal, it didn't like the small size of this loom.  However, I kept at it and I eventually ended up with a bracelet with a stitch that looked very similar to a single knit or crochet chain.
We then tackled a much harder bracelet called the Fish Tail and I thought it would like great in multi-coloured loom bands.  Looks quite tropical I thought.
The one I really liked and might actually use was the little flower at the top of the picture.  Very quick to do but you do need to get your colours the right way round as this was meant to be a daisy!
I enjoyed this session even if I did not really know what I was doing half the time and the fun that Sophie had in showing Mummy how to loom band was worth the state of confusion.  
Since last weekend Sophie has designed and made a Union flag using grid paper and her loom band skills.  it is brilliant!!
Sophie has also made other flower shapes which I hope she will show me this weekend.
I have bought some of these little loops for my Textiles club to use and see what we end up with.
I have only had three sign up so far but if I remember rightly this happened last year and I ended up with 15, so I shall keep my fingers crossed.
have a good weekend all


Jill Eudaly said...

Kids love those looms. Nice job on the bracelets!

Chookyblue...... said...

those loom bands sure are popular.........

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