Sunday, 31 August 2014

OPAM Round UP - August.

Well, it has been a bit of a slow month for Opam finishes again.  A combination of being on holiday, a bad chesty cold and thern a hand operation has seriously slowed things down. So only two finishes that I can show , plus a third that I can not due as it if for The Santa Sack Swap.
 This commissioned book has now been received and I am now making the rest of the order.
Next, to try and get my hand moving, because I have been having some pins and needles it it which could suggest poor circulation, a  little light crochet was in order.
My dish cloths are well used and this week they have had a good blast in the washing machine.  I have been wanting to make some of the Dish scrubbies too and I finally got round to making one.  I have enough to make another so I am making a little tutorial of my own way of making them and I shall put that up this week.
We are off to Plymouth and a visit to Paperchase is in order.  Sophie would like to get a few items to help organise herself with school work and if they are pretty too she feel that they will work even better!!
I thought I might get some idea's for some festive presents.
Then in the evening we are going to the house of one of my colleagues for an end of summer meet up before term starts.  I am about to start my 20th year of teaching. OMG!
This coming year I am now officially no longer a member of the Design and Technology Department, but now a member of the Art Department.  Both come under the umbrella of Creative Design but from now on I will be officially a part of Art.  So this is the first time I am going to the end of summer get together and it is nice to be invited with your hubby as well.  Sophie has to come, in-laws are unavailable.
So today I have seen rather a lot of this............
 So I am now I am going to do some of this................
whilst watching The Village.
Take care.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

well done on your finishes.....please take care xx

Lynne said...

Health and Education - where would they be without the constant re-organisation and change! Best of luck in your new post and hope you enjoy the change!

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