Sunday, 17 August 2014

Exam Result is in.....and a hosiptal visit

Well, I have been working on my Art and Design: Fine Art Textiles A level for two years in amongst my day job, family  etc and on Thursday the result arrived on the doormat at 1.30pm.  We do not get our post before mid day.
For the first Year AS level I maxed on the marks and got an A grade and those marks are then transferred to the second year if you choose to do it.
The second year (this year) I only managed grade B's for the coursework and exam.  The marks seemed rather mean considering the work I had done and the tutor said I was on track for an A with the coursework so unless when the moderation took place it was changed or that the feeling in the media that exam boards are marking too easily over the years, has meant that this year grade marks were down I do not know but when put together I still ended up with 
an A grade A level ,so perhaps I should not analyse it too much but it seems weird that I got a higher mark for the coursework this year than last but got a lower grade(?).
I am pleased and relieved as I stuck my neck out a bit with this and the second year clashed with Ofsted, a broken finger and a work timetable out of this world.
Next month myself and another A level student have decided to sign up for a fun printing course.  We enjoyed it so much on the A level that we wanted to do some more but without the pressure of the exam.
Now it is all done and dusted I am going to do a series of posts featuring my sketchbooks and samples that I made over the two years and have links in the bar at the top of this blog for anyone who might be interested.
However before that I have another holiday instalment to do, I have not forgotten that but  this week I have been doing some work for the day job because I have an appointment tomorrow which is going to change my coming week quite a bit, read on.
Do you remember this........
Back in February I had a bit of a mis-hap with a heavy box of marking  which broke my f8inger and a cyst was discovered.  Well, several months and appointments later my finger has become mis-shapened and aches but still working as it is my writing hand.  Well, tomorrow hubby is driving me to Hayle Hospital and I am going to have the cyst removed and some bone in my left wrist put in to the finger as there will not be much bone left once the cyst is out.  The cyst is not cancerous when looked at back in March but could become a problem later on in terms of movement etc and there is clearly a weakness there and if I write for too long my whole hand does not like it so it is a long term solution to something I did not know was even there!  Apparently the NHS in Cornwall see about 4 a year.  So I have my hospital bag ready as advised just in case and I have no idea what will happen afterwards.  I suppose it might be bandaged in some way, a sling perhaps anyway I shall let you know how it goes.
Wish me luck and I have a few books lined up on my Kindle ready.
Take care


Ali said...

Congratulations on your A. Don't question it, just enjoy. All your hard work has paid off. I'm wishing you all the best for tomorrow. I hope it's straight forward and your home asap. Take care of yourself.
Ali xx

Chookyblue...... said...

congrats on the A......goodluck with the finger op..........

Kate North said...

Many congrats on your A - I wouldn't analyse it too much, just be happy :) And hope the op goes well!

Pammy Sue said...

I hadn't been by here for a long time, but I saw your comment on another blog and decided to come on over and see what's up with you. Sorry to hear about your hand/finger. That is terrible news for a crafter and crocheter, or anybody really. I hope all turns out well and your hand is back to normal in no time. Hugs.

Toffeeapple said...

Congratulations on the A and commiserations on the operation. How did it go, are you home yet?

Carol said...

Congratulations on your "A".
Carol xx

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